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5 Party Favors, Door Prizes & Swag Employees Love to Get at Office Parties

When you’re planning an office party for your company, you’ll have a pretty hefty to-do list. There’s choosing a theme, date, and venue for starters. But you’ll also be responsible for coordinating speakers, entertainment, and catering, too. While you’re organizing your event planning efforts, don’t forget the ever-important party favors. Door prizes and company swag are always great at company-sponsored gatherings. And today, we’ll share which items are at the top of your employees’ wish lists when it comes to swag and giveaways.

1. Office Party Guests Love Wearables

You can’t go wrong with company-branded swag in the form of wearables. And there is a wide variety of options, from hats and tees to hoodies and jackets. Bulk order your wearables to save a few bucks, and be sure to order high-quality materials. And then get significant ROI when employees take home something they love and wear your company brand for boosted visibility.

2. Health & Fitness Prizes

Show your teams and employees that you care about their health and well-being by doling out door prizes that promote wellness at your corporate event. Maybe it’s a branded yoga mat or something smaller, like a branded stress ball or branded lip balm. And many companies will assemble wellness bags or baskets full of unique items promoting wellness. Just don’t forget to brand some of these items with your company logo. 

3. Tech & Gadgets for the Office Party Win

Employees always love to receive innovative or useful tech items such as company swag and door prizes. From branded power banks to high-quality earbuds, including any kind of tech gadget is a win every time. Before bulk ordering, sample the products to make sure they’re high quality. And you’d be surprised how many cool gizmos are available these days – hit up your promotional product rep for innovative tech ideas!

4. Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Office parties are often about celebrating the team and recognizing employees and their contributions. Don’t be afraid to hand out gift certificates and gift cards as the company’s thank you for a job well done. Gift cards and gift certificates are always welcome, and they’re a great way to express gratitude. Whether they’re gift cards for New York restaurants or more practical gift cards for Amazon, your employees will love the gesture.

5. Classic Swag & Door Prizes That Are Always Appreciated

If you’re coordinating a variety of swag and door prizes, you can always rely on a few traditional items to go over well. Travel tumblers, company-branded umbrellas, and tote bags, for example, are always a hit as party favors. Assemble goodie bags with small and larger items, too, including hats, pens, mugs, and pop-sockets. Get creative with cool gear and gifts, and make sure your employees leave your office party with a smile!

Get inspired by some of these door prizes and branded swag for your upcoming office party. And if you need more help, trust the pros that New York City turns to for all their corporate events, fundraising galas, conferences, and holiday parties – EMRG Media!