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Hybrid Corporate Event Planning: 7 Things to Know

If you’re in charge of curating your company’s next corporate event or office party, you’re likely also considering making it a hybrid event engagement. But there are certain things to know whenever you’re event planning for remote guests. And as experts in hybrid and virtual event hosting, EMRG Media is here to help. Today, we’re sharing valuable insights to ensure you engage all your corporate guests, entertain them, and include them brilliantly, regardless of where they are physically.

1. Hybrid Events Are a Must

Today’s working environments are all-inclusive, with many companies engaging remote workforces around the globe. Part-time, full-time, seasonal, freelance, or contract, today’s employees are contributing from near and far. So, when it’s time to host a corporate event or office party, you’ll want to include all of those valued employees and staff contributors. Instead of investing thousands in fights and accommodations, brands today are leaning into hybrid events. These events offer both in-person and virtual engagement experiences, and they’re absolute must-haves for all your company-sponsored events.

2. A Great Hybrid Company Event Has Four Element

There are four distinct elements of a hybrid corporate event to know. Break down your event planning efforts into these segments, outlining strategies for each.

Content: What you’ll provide, show, or demonstrate for your remote audience during the in-person event.

Community: How you’ll connect your virtual audience with your in-person audience, forming a community whole.

Sponsorship: Online engagements present opportunities for sponsorships and brand supporters.

Analytics: How you’ll leverage digital tools and resources to maintain virtual engagement before, during, and after your hybrid event.

3. Recognize Your Remote Audience Differently

When you’re planning your corporate event, you’re obviously going to keep your guest engagement in mind. But it’s important to remember that a live-streaming remote audience is going to require different engagement tactics. A great hybrid event isn’t just a live-stream seminar. You’re going to need to allow for online interactions and participation. And the little things, like high-quality video, online polls, and interactive games, will keep your remote audience engaged and having fun.

4. Align the Corporate Event Experience for Both Audiences

Every element you coordinate for your in-person corporate event should also impact your online audience. Of course, you can’t share your meal with remote guests. However, you’ll want to include opportunities for distant employees to enjoy the venue ambiance, sit in on guest speakers, and experience the music. As you plan your event registration process, include a process for online guests to check in, as well. When you call for breakout sessions, make sure your online community can participate, too. When you initiate breaks during presentations, announce those to your online guests, as well. 

5. Micro Experiences Are Key for Remote Guests

Since your company’s remote employees won’t be able to experience the corporate event or office party in person, micro experiences are great to engage and entertain them digitally. Micro experiences, or separate activities that virtual attendees can participate in, help to keep all parties engaged and excited about your company event agenda. Here are a few micro-experience examples for inspiration:

  • Live Q & As
  • Live Polls
  • Discussion Panels
  • Gamification
  • Awards & Incentives

6. Explore Various Hybrid Event Tools

To help facilitate the hybrid portion of your corporate event, you’re going to need ample tools and digital resources. Here are just a few software solutions, platforms, and tools to consider.


This web conferencing resource also features virtual “rooms” for remote guests to move in and out of and customize. 

Google Meet

This more traditional conferencing tool for hybrid connecting that features group chats, virtual backgrounds, and screen sharing.


If you have access to high-quality streaming equipment, this tool is a great hybrid conferencing platform.


Jackbox Games is a great resource for online office party games, great for team-building and icebreaking.


Eventmobi is a well-established platform and a go-to hybrid engagement resource for agencies and businesses hosting regular hybrid events.


This is an end-to-end platform that includes a full suite of hybrid event planning tools to help you promote, facilitate, and measure event engagements.

Troop Messenger

This is another online, digital community-building event platform that brings group chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and instant messaging capabilities with participants. 

7. Let EMRG Media Plan Your Hybrid Corporate Events

As the best event planning company in New York City, we at EMRG Media are renowned for our exceptional work in creating unforgettable and stress-free events. And this includes hybrid corporate events and virtual events. If you’re charged with curating your company’s next office party or corporate event, make it hybrid and let EMRG Media facilitate and plan every detail. From invitations and online activities to engagement metrics and follow up, we can help!

With EMRG Media at the helm, you know every participating employee in your hybrid event will have a memorable and engaging experience. Contact our planning team today, and let’s start planning!