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6 Reasons to Host Regular Team-Building Events for Your Company Employees

As a business owner or executive, you recognize the importance of company culture and prioritizing the needs of your employees. Your teams rely on you to provide them with opportunities and learning, in addition to career influence and earning potential. And one of the methods today’s leaders are embracing to solidify their relationships with their staff is hosting team-building events. 

There are some obvious incentives for hosting regular company outings and employee-related events. But there are even more advantages in today’s workplace culture worth discussing. With regular team-building events, you could be tapping into all these benefits and more! (PS: EMRG Media can help you plan them all, too!)

1. Fosters a Collaborative Environment

When your company hosts a team-building event, you’re sending a message to your staff that you WANT them to work together, get to know each other, and collaborate. It’s not easy to facilitate those efforts during the work day and with remote teams. But with regular events, you can reinforce your company initiatives that encourage working together. And the better your employees get at working together in a fun environment, the better they’ll be at working together on the job.

2. Inspires Loyalty Among Your Teams

Let’s be honest. Team-building events and company outings are just fun. And when you plan these types of events year-round, you’re providing your teams with outlets to have a little fun. When they’re happy, they’re also more loyal to your company. They’ll recognize you’re interested in providing not only a career path but a working experience that extends beyond the desk.

3. Provides New Environments for Deeper Connections

“I worked with Bob for ten years and still don’t know anything about him.” If anyone on your team can identify with this statement, it’s time for a team-building event or corporate get-together. With catered events, you can provide unique and more relaxed opportunities for teams to be social. Employees can learn more about each other and form deeper connections with other members of the organization.

4. Connects Remote & Distant Teams

With today’s technology, every event can be a hybrid event, incorporating both virtual and in-person engagements. So, when you do host team-building events and corporate activities, you can still include those who may work remotely or who are unable to travel. Hybrid corporate events are growing in popularity just because they’re perfect methods for connecting distant and remote teams or departments.

5. Improves Problem-Solving Abilities

Some team-building activities can be centered around achieving certain goals, like improving problem-solving skills among your ranks. Fun outings with escape rooms, for example, forces employee engagement and team-solving in an energetic environment. 

6. Increases Productivity

When your employees enjoy great experiences with their employers, they tend to be more productive. So, another benefit of team-building events is improved productivity. Staff members who enjoy a healthy balance of work, deadlines, and social release with their jobs are going to essentially be healthier and more stable workers. 

Let EMRG Media Take the Reins

Team-building events clearly have incredible benefits for the companies that sponsor them regularly. And when you’re ready to start curating your calendar of employee-facing events, you can rely on EMRG Media to handle all of the planning essentials. With more than 20 years of event planning experience in carefully curating events for regional, national, and global brands, our team understands the goals and value of these team-building events. And we know precisely how to make them count, yielding results every time. 

Contact our team to discuss your ideas for upcoming summer outings, team-building events, and company celebrations! We can help you leverage all these benefits and more!