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Corporate Meeting Essentials: 7 Tips to Wow Your Clients

Is your company planning to host a corporate event this year? Maybe it’s a product launch event, company meeting, or team-building event. Whatever you’re planning, make sure you include all the best wow-factor essentials to make it incredible! And here are some ideas to inspire your creativity.

1. Impressive Corporate Event Technology

Today’s most impressive corporate engagements are made possible because of innovative technology. Make arrangements to incorporate QR code registrations, digital name badges, and event apps for attendees. But also look to your venue for additional elements of great technology, including projection screens and state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities. Make sure your corporate event has all the modern amenities for convenience and creating impressive event experiences.

2. Venue Ambiance and Atmosphere 

Speaking of venue, be mindful of booking the perfect backdrop for your corporate event. There are a host of impeccable New York City venues from which to choose. But you’ll want to tour and inquire about those with all the best-fit elements for your company meeting or event. Look at the atmosphere option and capabilities to customize your ambiance. (PS: We highly recommend checking out NEBULA for all the best in fully immersive event experiences!)

3. Mouth-Watering Menu Selections

Don’t discount the value of creating impressive food and beverage options for your corporate event. Explore your options to incorporate signature dishes or custom cocktails. Meet with the chefs and sample anything you plan to offer your guests. You can also look to amplify the basics, like upgrading a static coffee table to a fully functional espresso bar. Use your food and beverage event elements as methods for infusing more personality and memorable experiences into your company meeting or event.

4. Exciting Goodie Bags and Guest Take-Home Gifts

Today’s corporate events call for elevated – everything. Don’t skimp on promotional items, goodie bags, and take-home gifts, either. The days of clicker pens are long gone. Today’s attendees look for exciting items, including branded tech gadgets and upscale wearables. Get creative with your event themes and choose brilliant gifts your attendees will love and use frequently. 

5. All Work Doesn’t Mean ‘No’ Play

Your corporate event or meeting might have a strict agenda of business to cover and discuss. But the purpose of hosting an event is to create a memorable, impressionable, and exciting engagement for attendees. So, while you can still work in your itinerary of business topics, be liberal about sprinkling in breaks and networking opportunities. Use the stage for engaging presentations, but also for awards and recognition. Keep your guests engaged with interactive elements that delight and dazzle so you’re not contending with a room full of yawns.

6. Entertainment Matters in Your Corporate Event

This is a big one that many company organizers overlook. Your corporate event, regardless of the itinerary, needs entertainment value. And while not all events call for music and dancing, there are other entertainment options to make your company get-together spectacular. From celebrity guests and comedians to mentalists and virtual reality games, there are plenty of ideas to boost the entertainment level of your event. 

7. EMRG Media Is Your Corporate Event Essential Partner

If you really want to elevate your upcoming company event in a way that overshadows every corporate event you’ve had before, bring in the EMRG Media Team to handle all the planning. We specialize in producing and curating product launches, company meetings, industry conferences, trade shows, and private corporate events. And have access to all the best and most engaging elements, including venue and celebrity booking precision. Stop stressing about all the details, and let EMRG Media take the reins to make your corporate event one for the books!

Wow your corporate event guests with these BIG ideas, and connect with EMRG Media to start planning today!