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Why Your Corporate Event Should Also Have Virtual Attendees

There are always new insights to consider before planning any new corporate event. From team-building meetings and company outings to product launches and conferences, engaging attendees is always a primary focus. But there’s more to consider in today’s event planning efforts, including the adoption of virtual events and hybrid event adoptions. While you can always make your biggest impact in person, it’s mission-critical that your corporate event also offers a digital connecting component. Here’s why every corporate event should essentially become a hybrid event with virtual attendees in addition to in-person guests.

Virtual & Hybrid Events Are the Future

If you’re not embracing virtual and hybrid event elements for your corporate events and meetings, you’re missing out on incredible engagement opportunities. Virtual connections are here to stay. And according to recent data, 67% of event organizers believe hybrid events are the future. And 32% still agreed hybrid events are at least “somewhat important.” 

Companies are expanding their workforce footprints, too, with the widespread adoption of remote working capabilities. Brands now span globally. And their audiences are already engaging digitally more than any other way. Virtual events and transforming in-person corporate experiences into hybrid variations are the best methods of connecting in today’s digital ecosystem.

Increased Attendance & Reach

For starters, having a virtual presence with your corporate event improves your ability to reach more attendees. Not everyone can travel for the in-person experience. So, using a virtual component, where you share the live aspects of your corporate event with an online audience, only increases the reach and frequency of your messaging. 

Reduced Costs

Many companies enjoy the reduced costs associated with providing hybrid event elements. Instead of paying to have employees flown in, with hotel accommodations and car rentals, employees can now experience the corporate event remotely. And whether it’s your company’s dime or the employees’ dime, everyone can enjoy the reduced cost benefits of the virtual event.

More Sponsorship Opportunities

When you create an online experience for your in-person corporate event, you essentially are curating an entirely new event experience. And those connecting online will need unique engagement elements to pique their interest and keep them engaged. It’s not like your virtual guests can take to the dance floor. So, as you create additional online mechanisms and experiences, you also open up new audience targeting opportunities – especially with sponsors. Companies will often secure in-person event sponsorships as well as separate online event sponsorships. And more sponsorships mean more potential revenue and awareness for your corporate event.

Improved Engagement

Depending on the itinerary of your corporate event, you might have different speaker sessions or stage presentations throughout the duration. And if your event lasts for several days, you could find guests aren’t available for every phase of the engagement. When you have a hybrid event structure, however, you’re essentially recording sessions and segments of your event. Those can be shared later for guests who missed out, thus improving your event’s overall engagement experience.

Digital Assets

With those recorded event elements, you also have a digital library of assets you can share. Use these event segments as marketing tools for promoting future events. Monetize them as tools and offer them as paid assets. Or you can leverage them as part of your in-house training initiatives with new or existing employees. There is a host of mileage you can get with these pre-recorded segments, especially those featuring keynote speakers or stage presentations.

Incredible Metrics & Data

Another key advantage of having a hybrid event, instead of a traditional, in-person-only event, is data. Hybrid event technology allows you to collect more insights and metrics from those remote attendees. And it will be a natural liaison into post-event surveys, polls, and suggestion requests you provide your in-person guests, too. The better you understand the attendee experience, online or live, the more improvements you can make to your corporate event engagement strategies.

Improved ROI

Because you can scale the impact of your corporate event across a broader audience of attendees, you stand to earn an improved ROI. Sponsors, partners, supporters, and event guests, no matter how they experience your event, will matter. And it’s the digital component that allows you to reach them ALL seamlessly. This flexibility reduces financial risks, too.

As you look to plan corporate events this year for your company, don’t forget to include the digital component. Hybrid events and virtual events are the best ways to leverage all of these advantages. And EMRG Media is the best event planning team to hire when you need all of the above and more with your corporate event.