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Trade Show Planning 101: 4 Event Planning Steps to Take First

Event planning of any kind isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re charged with planning your company’s trade show or New York conference, your plate is going to be especially full. And even if you’ve successfully coordinated a few corporate events before, trade shows are different. And there are key steps you’ll need to take right now before aligning any details.

1. Selecting Trade Show Dates

There are a host of considerations to keep in mind as you first determine when to have your trade show, including your budget. But timing might just be the most important. With your target timeframe in mind, check to see what other events are happening that week or weekend in and around NYC. You’ll likely lose out on public attendance if there’s another major event or celebration happening at the same time. And it’s best to select two or three ideal date options for your trade show. Even after you’ve chosen your dates, you might struggle to find vendors or venues you need that may warrant a change.

2. Narrowing Down Trade Show Venues

Depending on your trade show, you’ll need to estimate its size and the potential need for attendee capacity. From there, you can begin to explore all the best New York City venues for data availability. Keep logistics in mind, for traveling guests, regarding parking and ease of access for setup and teardown of exhibitor booths. These details will matter if you hope to pull off a seamless trade show event.

3. Organizing Your Lists of Partners

Before reaching out to any vendors, curate a list of partners you’ll need first. Stay organized since you’re going to have correspondence with multiple vendors for each service or product. Not all trade shows are created equal, but here are a few partner considerations, in addition to choosing your venue, to add to your list:

  • Audiovisual Specialists
  • Catering Companies
  • Florists
  • Promotional Products
  • Rental Companies
  • Entertainment Options (DJ, Band, Magicians, Comedians, etc.)
  • Celebrity Guests
  • Keynote Speakers

4. Calling EMRG Media

Here’s the thing about trade shows. They require a high level of organization and planning that most companies can’t handle internally without running into hiccups and issues. That’s why the biggest first step you should take in planning your trade show is to call an expert event planner. EMRG Media has a proven track record of curating incredible trade shows and conferences, including The Event Planner Expo. Our team has the expertise, the knowledge, and the connections you can leverage to make your trade show a sensation! From small business-related events to massive industry extravaganzas, EMRG Media can be your go-to specialist from inception to execution. 

If you have a trade show or New York conference to organize, don’t go it alone. And while you could try to pull it off on your own, why would you want to when you can rely on our team of experts. Call EMRG Media and let our team handle every detail and make it one for the books!