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Introducing a New Product with an Event? Do These 3 Things First

You’re in charge of organizing your company’s latest product launch event, with a lot of pressure and responsibility on your plate. And even if you’ve planned one before, each product launch is unique, with its own goals, target audience, and launch objectives. Don’t stress about the process just yet. This is the list of tips and insights you need to see. Before you take one step forward in coordinating a product launch, be sure to do these things first. These steps will be helpful in organizing your lists of tasks and executing a successful launch.

1. Organize Your Efforts in the Three Stages of a Product Launch

The best way to get ahead of what seems like a million different event planning tasks is to create management segments. And with any product launch, regardless of the offering, you can separate your efforts into three primary phases. 

Planning – This stage involves creating product launch teams, researching your audience, identifying competitive advantages, aligning expectations, and developing a marketing plan.

Execution – This phase is where you put your plans to action and begin executing every verb listed within the first planning phase.

Analysis – This stage is where you’ll evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your product launch event using analytics, metrics, and data.

This may seem like a rudimentary list of basics. But it’s essential to flesh out every detail about your product launch, including before, during, and after the event, before you take any steps to plan anything.

2. Create a Step-by-Step List of Goals

You can begin tackling each aforementioned phase and create to-do lists of tasks. Here are some insightful steps to consider adding to your process, specific to planning and executing your product launch event.

  1. Identify and target your ideal customer base, including product buyers, event attendees, sponsors, and key collaborators.
  2. Find and choose the best New York venue to accommodate your guest list, your event themes and styles, and your goals.
  3. Build excitement around your product launch with brilliant marketing strategies that speak to those key people on your audience list. 
  4. Create personalized and customized experiences for everyone who attends and engages with your brand.

3. Enlist the Help of EMRG Media

Probably the most important step to take first when planning any New York City conference or product launch is to enlist the help of a professional. Call in the pros at EMRG Media to take the reins and manage every aspect of your company’s product launch. With more than 20 years of product launch and corporate events experience, our team already knows all the best practices and to-do lists for executing a brilliantly successful event. Explore some of the brands our team has successfully worked with in the past, and let our team take the pressures and stress out of planning your product launch this year!

Contact EMRG Media and let us help you coordinate and plan a product launch event your guests will rave about, your company leaders will applaud you for, and your bottom-line results will soar with every time!