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Your Launch Party Needs Sponsors – Here’s Why

Your company is planning to host a New York launch party. Whether it’s a new product, service, brand, or innovation, you know one of the best ways to introduce and scale your offering is with a special event. And while you’re carving out the invite lists and trying to coordinate keynote speakers, there’s another element to remember to add to your to-do list. Don’t forget to develop a sponsorship strategy for your big launch. Sponsors can help elevate your event in a big way. And these are the key reasons to include sponsors for your launch party.

Different Sponsorships Provide Different Benefits

There are different types of sponsorship support methods, each bringing unique benefits. Think about which type is the most valuable for your product launch and develop a strategy accordingly. 

  • Brand Sponsors
  • Venue Sponsors
  • Technology Sponsors
  • Industry Sponsors
  • Media Sponsors
  • Promotional Sponsors

The Community Support Element

Another benefit of having sponsors for your launch party is the social proof and community support element. When you are able to advertise your big company event with local or industry-specific brands, you’ll build credibility for your brand, new product, and your party. The perception that you’ll have increased support from the community or niche will only increase engagement and attendance. And whatever you’re launching will have that much more credibility, ensuring it will be well received among your target audience.

Increased Brand Exposure

Sponsors are great resources for increasing the exposure of your brand, your product, and your event. When you bring in media sponsors, for example, they’ll spread the word about your offering and special event to broader audiences. And other types of sponsors will self-promote their support and involvement to their networks, likely reaching even more potential attendees and product buyers too. When you include sponsors with your launch party, you’re essentially putting a megaphone to your big offer and your brand.

Infusion of Launch Party Funding

Probably the most important advantage of having various sponsors with your launch party is funding. The infusion of sponsorship funds, as individuals and organizations contribute money, will allow you to take your launch party to the next level. Maybe you can afford to book the larger venue or bring in bigger entertainment. Sponsorships can cover catering or other aspects of your event, too. As long as you create valuable sponsorship packages for your sponsors, you’ll have no trouble securing the added financial support needed to make your New York event a success.

Immediate Boost in Lead Potential

The primary purpose of your launch party is to introduce something new, innovative, and valuable to your audience. And the intention is that you’ll also cultivate buyers and prospects for those new offerings. When you’re working with a network of sponsors, you can increase the funnel of potential leads because of the increased reach and mass engagement. And this flow of potential buyers is ROI that will extend beyond the launch party, netting huge results for your sales teams.

So, while you’re putting together all the planning efforts for your company’s launch party, don’t forget to also develop a robust sponsorship strategy. And for the absolute best results, contact EMRG Media to handle all the event planning!