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How to Select the Best Venue for Your Corporate Event

Whether you’re planning a team-building event, product launch party, or industry conference, you’ll need a perfect-fit New York City venue for your corporate event. And while there are several incredible venue hotspots in NYC, not all will be ideal for the type of engagement you’re trying to create. There are details every event planner should consider before booking any location. It’s this checklist you need to see to help ensure you’re choosing the right venue for your corporate event.

Location Is Always a Priority

Before choosing your venue, consider the ideal location. If you have people traveling from out of town, for example, you’ll likely need to consider proximity to hospitality. You’ll want somewhere easy to find and easy to get to, as well. 

NYC Venue Logistics and Accessibility

Think about logistics and accessibility, too, before choosing a corporate event venue. What is the parking like for guests? Are there ideal entrances? Can the venue support the capacity you need should 100% of your attendees arrive? And it’s always best to tour the facility yourself to see first-hand where the bathrooms are and how far of a walk it is from parking. Those details will matter to your guests.

Available Services and Amenities

When working with a New York venue, be diligent about discussing all the available amenities and services the venue has to offer. Set up, clean up, staffing, rentals, meals, and beverages might or might not be included. Learn what other services you can expect with the venue and choose the best fit that aligns with your corporate event needs.

Ambiance and Layout

Make sure the space you’re considering has the right layout that will be conducive to your corporate event theme. Ambiance will matter, and you don’t want to secure a space that doesn’t flow well with your plans for designs, decor, and guest experiences. This is another reason why visiting each venue option in person is so important. On paper, a space might seem ideal. But exploring the venue first-hand will allow you to make the best decision about layout, flow, and ambiance.

Catering and Audiovisual

When asking about the venue’s additional services, expressly ask about catering and audiovisual services. Some event spaces require you to work with in-house catering. Others don’t offer catering at all. And if your corporate event involves stage presentations and hybrid event dynamics, you’ll need to make sure the AV setup you need is feasible, too. These two pillar services can be outsourced to other vendors. But you’ll need to coordinate with your chosen venue partner first. 

Venue Price and Value

Obviously, price is going to play into your decision when booking a corporate event venue. So, be diligent in inquiring about what’s “included” and what services or extras come with an additional price tag. But also be mindful of which venue checks all your boxes and still provides value. Value could be in added services or staff. It could manifest as time saved or contingency plans. Assign value where it matters most and then calculate which venue and cost best suits your budget. 

Keep these insights in mind as you look to start planning your corporate event, launch party, or company conference. And to really take all the guesswork out of creating a successful event, let the pros at EMRG Media take the reins! With more than 20+ years in the events industry, planning brilliant corporate events and conferences, you know you have the best planners for whatever you’re planning in 2023.