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5 Ways to Elevate Your Next Company Conference in NYC

If you’re responsible for planning your company’s next conference, meeting, or event, keep reading. There are a few unique things you can do to make it stand out from other events you’ve planned before. And sometimes, finding a way to elevate certain aspects of your engagement can be just the boost in engagement, excitement, and enthusiasm your company conference needs. Turn things up a notch with these few ideas.

1. Making an Entrance

Look at some of the various aesthetics of your New York conference and try to elevate decor, designs, and experiences in each. For example, instead of having your company guests just walk in the venue’s front door, spruce it up and make arriving more of a grand entrance. Roll out some red carpet or incorporate photo ops. Make registering at your conference feel more like an upscale VIP experience. And setting the right, elevated mood when guests arrive will help set the tone for a more elevated experience overall.

2. Elevate the Fare

When you’re on an airplane, you can distinguish between coach and first class by the snacks served, right? If you’re in the back, you’re getting pre-packaged peanuts. Sitting up front means better snacking options, upscale service, and premium comforts. Consider these same elements as you look to create more elevated engagements at your New York conference. And start by bringing in unique snacks, wait-staff-served hors d’oeuvres, or custom desserts. When the food feels like VIP, your company guests will feel VIP. And brilliant food will win them over in a big way.

3. Bring in Specialty Options

Another way to elevate your company conference experience is with custom or specialty services. For instance, you could bring a custom coffee bar, with espresso and classic beverage options, in lieu of traditional self-serve coffee service. You could also elevate the experience by partnering with bakery services, offering delectable desserts and dessert stations. If your company conference includes cocktails, bring in the top-shelf options and custom drink creations for craft options, too.

4. Choose Exciting Entertainment

Depending on the theme or purpose of your company event, you might have stage presentations or meeting material to cover. But don’t forget the entertainment element. And if you want your guests to enjoy themselves, incorporating breakout sessions and networking breaks is key. But take it a step further by booking the photo booth. Bring in some music, whether it’s a street performer, DJ, or live band. And include elements with your event that ensures your attendees enjoy themselves, even if your company meeting has an outline of content to cover.

5. Hire the New York City Event Planning Professionals

If you really want to make a big impression on your attendees at your next company conference, hire an event planner to make it spectacular. When you partner with a professional New York event planner like EMRG Media, you’re guaranteed to host an elevated event that checks all the boxes. From designs and decor to food and entertainment, you can rest assured knowing there’s a pro handling every detail.

If you want your company conference attendees to rave about this event, consider these elements to elevate their experiences. And let EMRG Media be your event planner to ensure every aspect of your company conference or meeting is absolutely perfect!