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Make Your Launch Party Spectacular with These 8 Elements

When you’re looking to officially launch a new product, brand, or service, the launch party HAS to be exciting. This is your foot-in-the-door chance to make a huge splash and massive impression on a captive audience. The more engaged they are about what you’re offering, the more successful your event will be. And those attendees will carry that enthusiasm with them when they leave, setting your product, brand, or service up for widespread success.

So what can you do differently to infuse your launch party with all the energy it needs to be spectacular? Make sure you cover these bases and include these key elements in your event planning efforts.

1. Incredible New York City Venue

Your product launch starts by choosing a winning New York venue. Consider the needs of your event, including stage, lighting, and meal service. But then look at the event space through the lens of your event theme and audience. Will you need valet parking and red carpet? Does your venue offer ample seating and restroom service? Will there be room for networking and mingling or breakout sessions? Get picky about making your venue selection. While there are plenty of amazing event spaces from which to choose, they won’t all be a great fit for the event you’re planning.

2. Themes and Designs Matter

Next up on your to-do list is your event theme. Whatever you’re launching, make sure your brand and offering are core elements. But your theme should tie in brilliantly, too. Get creative and make it entertaining, engaging, and fun. Even if your product or service is rooted in serious tones, your designs and event theme should inspire enthusiasm. From there, you can customize your product launch party experience, incorporating both your brand and your style.

3. Pre-Launch Marketing 

Before you announce the product launch party event date, make sure you have a fully-developed pre-event marketing plan in place. You’ll need dedicated landing pages with event information online. You’ll also need relevant hashtag strategies and social media content prepared. All of these messages should introduce your event to your invited guests and the general public. It has to build just as much excitement for the event as the product or service you’re launching. 

Marketing efforts can include:

  • Mobile apps for attendee communication and ticket sales
  • Testimonials of those who’ve worked with you or your product
  • Influencer marketing and content partnerships
  • Sponsorships and event supporters

4. Sneak Peeks and FOMO

Don’t just share all your product launch event details at once. Instead, share the pertinent information about dates, times, and venues. But then drip suspenseful nuggets of other details, offering sneak peeks and building a fear of missing out (FOMO.) Build anticipation and enthusiasm for your offering and your launch party during the weeks leading up to the event. Your social media channels are perfect for this type of event promotion, as are email marketing and press releases.

5. Early Access and VIP Options

Don’t just plan one event experience for your attendees. Consider developing multiple levels of engagement, including early access and VIP ticket specials and perks. When you present your guests with a “yes or no” option, you have a 50/50 chance they’ll opt-in or attend. But if you outline three or four different “yes” options, you’ll increase your engagement and positive response rates.

6. Incredible Branded Swag

Give your product launch event guests something tangible to remind them of your brand, your product, and the incredible event experience. Bring in the top-notch brand swag, either as attendance gifts or prizes. Having small, medium, and more valuable swag is a great way to thank your attendees and participants. And it allows the magic of your launch event and company brand to live on long after the initial launch is over.

7. Make It About the Guest, Not the Product

As you plan your product, brand, or service launch event, don’t forget. It’s about your offering, yes. However, the most memorable launch events are those that focus on the guests’ experiences. Use every tool in the arsenal to elevate the attendee engagement, including delicious food, high-profile entertainment, and comfortable seating. You want your guests to associate this “great time” with your brand. And your product’s success depends on everyone enjoying the experience.

8. Bring in the Pros at EMRG Media for Your Launch Party

This may be the biggest insight of all for anyone looking to create a successful product launch event in New York City. Don’t go it alone. Even if you have a team of colleagues helping you with the event coordination, there’s so much more that goes into planning a truly successful and wildly engaging event. Bring in the pros at EMRG Media. 

With more than 20+ incredible years of professional experience planning various NYC events, including corporate events, product launches, and galas, the event planning team at EMRG Media knows all the best practices and has all the best resources to help you plan and execute a flawless product launch event. 

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