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Planning a Milestone Anniversary Party? 6 Reasons to Bring in the Pros

Milestone anniversaries only come around once. And whether it’s a social party you’re planning for a special married couple in your family or a company party celebrating a brand anniversary, these celebrations need to be spectacular. You can try to coordinate and organize all the details yourself. Or, you can make the smart move and bring in a professional New York event planner to help. With as much DIY advice as there is out there, you might need a few reasons to consider hiring the pros. Keep reading. Today, we’ll share all kinds of reasons to leave the New York event planning to the professionals, especially if you need this milestone anniversary party to be over-the-top amazing.

1. Relax, We’re Pros

Probably the biggest reason people and company decision-makers turn to the seasoned event professionals is for the reduced stress. When you have someone in charge of bringing your milestone anniversary party to life, and it’s someone who’s planned them before, you can relax a little knowing things will be handled. If you are trying to organize your party yourself, you’ll find you have questions that the pros already have answers to and can anticipate. Don’t stress more than you have to when planning your celebration. Just relax and leave it to the event pros!

2. You Have a Budget to Keep

You likely have a budget to which you have to adhere for this anniversary party. And even if you’re good at event planning yourself, you might run into issues or make costly decisions that lead to overspending. However, when you hire a professional New York event planner, you have a trusted partner who can make all the necessary decisions with your budget in mind, ensuring you stick to your spending limits. And, if there are aspects of your party that you didn’t budget for, the event planner will be able to help you reconcile those differences before you get too far into your planning.

3. Even Your Details Have Details

Yes, there are event details to manage. You’ll need to select the venue, hire the caterer, find some entertainment, and bring in a florist. But what you won’t know is that even your event details have details. Meaning there’s more to consider when making these partnership decisions. A professional planner can help you account for everything, including theme, decor, transportation, audiovisual, virtual meeting options, colors, patterns, centerpieces, door prizes, and more. When you realize your event details have layers of even more details, it’s time to bring in a pro to ensure you account for everything.

4. Bring in the Negotiation Masters

Every milestone anniversary event will need a series of vendors to make it magical. From DJs and catering to AV pros and balloons, you have a lot of brand reps to meet. But to prevent overspending on any of them, you can bring in the event planning pro, who is a master negotiator, ready to insist you only pay the best rates. And because New York event planners already have relationships with many of the event vendors you’ll need, you can rest assured you’re working with reputable partners for every aspect of your milestone anniversary party.

5. Your Go-To for Brilliant Ideas

Before you even make your first vendor call, you’ll want to brainstorm for big ideas first. Your milestone anniversary celebration needs to be memorable, fun, and unique. That requires thoughtful designs, themes, entertainment, and more. Instead of bearing those creative burdens yourself, hire the event planning pros and tap into years of event planning, big idea experience! An event planner will know all the current event trends, too, bringing in design options you probably haven’t heard of yet. Let the event planner do the creative heavy lifting for you, so you can just pick and choose which elements will best complement your event.

6. Organization Is Life

Once you take on planning your milestone anniversary event, you’ll soon realize that you’re juggling more than just a day planner and a few phone numbers. Before long, you’ll be swimming in sticky notes and frantically finding scratch pads for note-taking. You’ll have checklists that seem to keep growing. And you’ll likely still be trying to work or carry on with your daily responsibilities simultaneously. Before things get out of hand, consider hiring a professional event planner. For the pros, organization is their life. And not only do they have the best tools and resources to stay on top of things, but they’ll also manage to juggle every detail effortlessly. 

Whatever your milestone anniversary party entails, don’t go it alone. These are just a few reasons to bring in a professional event planner like New York’s own EMRG Media. Connect with our team, and let us handle everything necessary to make your big event spectacular!