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Why Your Team-Building Event Needs an Event Pro

So, you’re in charge of planning your company’s next team-building event or conference. And at first, it seems pretty straightforward, right? You’ll need to choose a date, book a New York venue, and arrange for catering. But it can get overwhelming pretty quickly as you realize there’s more to successful event coordination. Hiring an event planning professional is the best and most efficient way to bring your event to life. Here’s why you should trust your team-building event to an event planner like EMRG Media.

Not All Team-Building Events Are Equal

There are different types of team-building events, each with its own objectives and engagement efforts. Because there is science behind what makes each team-building conference successful, it’s important to understand the dynamics required to create a meaningful event engagement. Which type is yours?

  • Small-Group Shared Experience Team Activities
  • Classroom Team-Building Engagements
  • Big Group Shared Experience Team-Building Events

Eliminate any uncertainty with your planning by bringing in the professionals who understand each unique dynamic of the various team-building activities. Let the pros help you coordinate and plan for the most engaging experiences for the teams, including every essential detail for each event type.

Save Time and Money

How much time would you spend trying to come up with ideas, wrangling RSVPs, and communicating with event vendors? Worse yet, are you certain you’re not overspending in any of these supplier partnerships? Plain and simple, hiring a New York event planner for your team-building event will save you valuable time and money every time. You still have a job to do. Let the pros handle all the behind-the-scenes planning and coordination needed to make your corporate event effective and brilliant.

Trust the Pros Have the Best Vendors

Here’s another key benefit of working with a top-notch event planner for your upcoming corporate event. The pros have all the connections, primarily because they work with caterers, venues, entertainers, florists, and DJs all the time. Tap into the vast network of “friendors” or vendors your event planner already has working relationships with to your advantage. And based on what your event needs, your event planning pro can choose the best-fit suppliers.

Meet Your Team-Building Goals

You’ve not only been charged with planning your company team-building event, but you’re also responsible for making sure it’s a success, hitting all the key objectives and goals. When your employees and guests leave the event, they should feel motivated, moved, and inspired. And to make sure the outcome of your event hits all the benchmarks, let the pros come in and take the reins. They’ll be able to manage every detail in a way that it supports and leads to incredible results.

Stay on Budget

You’ll likely have an event budget to which you’ll have to adhere. And when it comes to pulling off incredible engagements and corporate team-building events, the professional event planner knows all the strategies to use to make it impressive without going over budget. Having a pro in your corner also means you have a master negotiator who can ensure you’re not overspending on any event details, too.

Event Pros Know the Logistics and Legal Side of the Event

How much do you know about event guidelines for safety, health, and emergency protocol? What about event insurance? And are you versed in navigating the complex language in an event vendor contract? When you hire an event planning pro, like EMRG Media, you have an expert in your corner who understands all the legal and logistical aspects of planning an event. And you can relax knowing that someone is looking out for all these more structured components, ensuring every safety measure and legal requirement is met.

So, if you have a corporate team-building event to coordinate, don’t try to tackle it on your own. Instead, contact EMRG Media, who, with 20+ years of event management experience, can ensure your team-building event is nothing short of incredible.