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4 Food & Beverage Ideas for Your New York Gala

You can’t plan and host a New York City gala or fundraising event without offering the best food and beverage options. And you don’t want to rely on just one or two opinions from a caterer to make these decisions. Meal service and beverage options are just as important to your gala as the entertainment and fundraising are. Don’t cut corners and get creative about making your event food and beverage options a stand-out and elevated aesthetic that guests will rave about in the weeks to follow.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Passed & Trayed Hors D’Oeuvres

Nothing says upscale and posh quite like a stunning team of pressed-and-dressed waitstaff, cordially walking around with beautifully garnished trays of decadent hors d’oeuvres and champagne refills. Elevate your New York gala with this type of service. And as you choose your menu of options, try to balance the offerings in a way that includes old favorites and impresses with new twists. It’s also best to provide options that satisfy a variety of food preferences and dining requirements, including a gluten-free option.

2. Food Stations Are Interactive

In additional tray service, consider setting up interactive food and beverage stations. Every opportunity you have to create some level of guest engagement, do it. And your New York gala attendees will be dazzled and excited to help themselves to a beautifully designed layout of food and beverage options. Here are some ideas to talk about with your event venue and catering partners.

  • Carvery Stations
  • Coffee & Espresso Stations
  • Pasta Stations
  • Chilled Salad Bars
  • Cosmopolitan Stations

3. Explore Custom Cocktails

Another element worth adding to your New York gala is custom cocktails. Whether it’s an opening party, an after party, or throughout the duration of the event, create a special menu of cocktails just for the gala. Name them with association to your fundraiser or event cause. And bring in the top-notch mixologists to bring these creations to life. Of course, you’ll still want to have traditional spirits and cocktail favorites on hand. But you can use your beverages as another method of attendee engagement and event aesthetics.

4. Artistic and Delectable Desserts 

Don’t let your gala guests go hungry after dinner. And don’t overlook your opportunity to create yet another memorable experience with the best dessert options. Explore ways to introduce artistic and delectable morsels your guests will love! From cheesecake shooters and creme brulee cups to chocolate-covered strawberries and bite-sized fudge, find unique ways to satisfy those after-dinner sweet cravings. And you can incorporate a dessert station or self-service dessert bar for increased interactions too.

If you’re still stumped on the food and beverage planning for your New York gala, let EMRG Media be your event planning guide! Tap into all the latest trends for everything from the red carpet and celebrity-supported galas to private fundraising dinners and beyond!