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Favorite Charity? 4 Tips for Planning Your First Charity Event

Every year, millions of people donate funds to their favorite charities. Some are awareness causes, and others are more hands-on, non-profit organizations providing services. Whether you’re looking to help your local animal shelter or raise money for cancer research, planning a charity event is a great method to choose. 

But event planning isn’t easy. And you’ll want to make sure you succeed with every detail so your favorite charity can benefit greatly. Here are the event ideas and tips to consider when planning your first charity event in New York City.

1. High Profile Venues

One of the first decisions you’ll make about planning a charity event is the venue. And there’s no shortage of impressive event spaces in New York City from which to choose. It’s important to meet with and tour various venues, to see firsthand what the layout looks like and get a sense of what your event guests will experience. Choose a venue that is high-profile and well-known for its charity fundraising events. Guests on your invite list who routinely attend these functions and donate generously will be more apt to attend an event space they’ve visited before, too.

2. Charity Event Themes

Make your favorite charity event stand out by introducing incredibly fun and entertaining event themes. From costume balls and red carpet galas to genre themes and designs, get creative with your event’s theme. Here are some theme ideas for inspiration.

  • Art Shows
  • Hollywood Themes
  • Mardi Gras 
  • Casino Night
  • Dance Marathon
  • Roaring 20s (or other decade genres)
  • Unique Auctions

3. Fundraising and Donation Marketing

Just as you get creative with your event themes, bring in additional layers of fundraising and donation marketing to build excitement around your charity. In addition to your event, seek out sponsors and charity supporters who might be interested in matching donations. Sell raffle tickets, both in person and online. Invite others to help raise money for your cause. 

4. Bring in EMRG Media

If you’re planning your first charity event, it’s best that you bring in the pros to execute every detail flawlessly. And when you need to raise awareness and donations in a big way, you need the EMRG Media team at the helm. Our team is one of the best in New York City, especially when it comes to fundraising events and charity galas. We know all the best venues and event partners. We can help design one-of-a-kind event themes guests will love. And our marketing expertise ensures you get incredible event results. 

Raise money for your favorite charity by coordinating a special fundraising event. And let EMRG Media help you with all the event planning details!