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Summer Party Themes You’ll Love This Year

Are you charged with planning your company’s summer outing or employee party this summer? Or have you been delegated to spearhead the event planning of this summer’s family reunion? Whatever type of celebration you need to pull off this summer, these are the brilliant ideas and themes to make it incredible! From corporate gatherings to social celebrations, check out these fun and engaging themes that your party guests will love.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Beach Party

It’s summer, so don’t be afraid to embrace the obvious. Consider hosting a summer beach party, complete with sand banks, beach chairs, and colorful umbrellas. Encourage guests to dress comfortably for fun in the sun, including beach volleyball and shuffleboard. If your summer party venue includes a pool, you can incorporate swimming fun, too. Complement your event theme with custom cocktails and light summer fare. You can even hand out branded beach towels and sunscreen as party favors.

The Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta

Imagine your company’s summer party or family get-together as a south-of-the-border good time with a fiesta-themed celebration! Think sombreros and all the best vibrant decor. Think incredible music and even more incredible menu options, with all your favorites, from southwest steak bites to delicious taco bars. Infuse your party with all the sights, sounds, and tastes of a great Tex-Mex celebration!

Carnival Parties

Another fun summer party theme involves transforming your venue into a full-on carnival experience. Gather guests under the “big top” for dancing and dinner. But then get creative with all the entertainment elements you’d find at a traveling show. Hire magicians and mentalists who can dazzle attendees with their acts. Bring in animal handlers for the best photo ops. Hand out bags of freshly-made popcorn and bring in the clowns for a wildly entertaining circus-themed summer party.

Hawaiian Luau

Transport your summer party guests to the Big Island with a Hawaiian theme. Encourage guests to wear their most colorful floral-patterned shirts. Grass skirts are optional! You can also hire Hula Dancers and Fire Dancers as entertainment. Every cocktail comes complete with tiny umbrellas. And your table centerpieces can be resonant of the beach, with sands, seashells, and coconuts. 

Hollywood Summer

If you’re looking for a summer party theme that’s a little more over-the-top, consider Hollywood themes. Roll out the red carpet for your attending guests and bring in the faux paparazzi for all the best photo ops and selfies. Movies and music are pivotal for these parties, including surprise performances and fun trivia games. Elevate the aesthetics and treat your party guests like Hollywood superstars!

Get inspired by some of these summer outing and corporate party themes. And remember, the best way to ensure your party goes without a hitch is to bring in the pros. Contact EMRG Media to bring your summer party ideas to life in a big way this year!