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How to Make Sure Your NYC Fundraising Gala Is a Goal-Busting Success

When you’re planning a fundraising gala of any kind, you typically have two core objectives. You’ll want to make sure you inspire the biggest turnout of guests and participants. And you’ll want to raise the most money possible for your charity or cause. To ensure your NYC fundraiser is a goal-busting success in both aspects, consider these insights and tips to make your gala spectacular.

Get Pre-Event Opt-In from Guests

Start building up the anticipation for your fundraiser and securing early opt-ins before your event kicks off with early-bird specials, discount ticket pricing, and unique pre-event perks. Develop marketing strategies that involve campaigns to drive awareness and build excitement around your cause and your gala. 

Secure Sponsorships and Supporters

During the event planning phase, you’ll want to develop a strategy for also securing gala sponsorships and supporters. Whether you’re looking for a venue sponsor to donate an event space or direct monetary sponsors from local brands and organizations, now’s the time to start reaching out to others. Remember to offer more than one tier of sponsorship with various benefits and investment points. And make sure you load up on the added value components for those who do support your cause and event. 

Tap Into Digital Reach for Your Fundraising Gala

Don’t just plan for entertaining the in-person guest list at your fundraising gala; invite a digital community, too! Broaden your pool of potential donations and increase your reach. Many of today’s events and conferences are going hybrid, offering virtual event experiences for a more global audience impact. Tap into these digital methods for broadening your fundraising reach, too.

Offer VIP Experiences at Your Fundraising Gala

There are fundraisers, and then there are fundraising galas. Elevate your charitable event experience by also developing and selling VIP experiences. These might include free gifts, access to VIP cocktail hours, or front-row seating for any entertainment you may have booked. Don’t hesitate to put some lofty price points on those VIP experiences, either. People are more likely to splurge on these types of event offers when they know the proceeds are supporting the cause or charity.

Leverage Auctions, Raffles, and Prize Drawings

Consider creating several methods of contribution throughout the duration of your New York fundraiser. Many find great success in reaching their monetary goals using raffles, setting up sales booths, hosting auctions, or offering prize drawings. Organize these added layers of potential fundraising since they’re both fun for guests and beneficial to your organization’s goals. 

Hire EMRG Media in NYC for Your Fundraising Gala

If you really want to take your New York City fundraiser to the absolute next level, bring in the professionals at EMRG Media. We have extensive experience hosting and planning some of the biggest charitable events in NYC. From celebrity guests to red-carpet event execution, our team will ensure you have a full house and goal-busting monetary results.

If you’re planning a NYC fundraising event or gala, keep these suggestions in mind to make it spectacular, and get in touch with EMRG Media!