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Make Your Holiday Parties Magical with the Right Entertainment

As you consider planning this year’s company outings, corporate meetings, and holiday parties, you’ll have to also come up with unique and fun entertainment options. Sure, you’ll need music from a live band or DJ, but what else can you be booking now to make sure every summer outing, team-building event, and holiday-related company celebration is a hit? And how can you be sure to avoid the same, tired roster of entertainment options and instead bring in elements that truly educate, excite, and entertain? Keep reading to get your entertainment inspiration!

Soloists, Pianists, and Chamber Music

Don’t just bring in the music; really wow your guests with a solo musical performance of professionals. Maybe bring in pianists or even dueling pianists. And if your company holiday party is more upscale and classy, bring in a talented group of chamber musicians to entertain between main event productions.

Escape Rooms

Get interactive by setting up escape room challenges with your company staff and guests. These have been more popular in recent months and always have a great team-building element to them. But these can also be other interactive entertainment, like murder mysteries or roast sessions. 

Mentalists and Magicians

For some events, you need something totally unique and engaging. Consider browsing today’s roster of professional magicians or mentalists. These awe-inspiring performances will leave your co-workers guessing and wondering, “how did they do that” all night long. 

Celebrity Guests and Speakers

Another way to absolutely delight your holiday party guests, whether it’s a summer outing or a red-carpet Christmas party, is with celebrity guests. Look into booking celebrity performers, guest speakers, and surprise appearances. Imagine the looks on your employees’ faces when they see you go the distance and invite some of their favorite celebrities!

Get Techy with AR/VR

Another entertainment element to consider bringing to your next corporate event or company get-together is all the latest tech entertainment. Many events are using augmented reality and virtual reality stations to entertain their guests. Book some of NYC’s best innovators in these spaces and invite them to set up shop where your employees can get hands-on with all the latest and coolest gadgets.

Infuse your company party and holiday events with the best entertainment. And if you need help with any of these entertainment options or any corporate event planning efforts, contact EMRG Media! We can help elevate all your holiday parties with all the right extras you need!