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5 Perfect Swag & Gifts for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events, regardless of the purpose or itinerary, can all benefit from a little company-branded or sponsorship swag. And even if no one tells you, they’re excited to see what take-home items they’ll get. So, if you cut corners or overlook planning for promotional materials and branded goodies, everyone will know. And this is the inspiration you need to start brainstorming to find your best-fit items for your next corporate event.

1. Something Old (Well, Traditional)

If you’re stumped about what kind of swag to include with your upcoming corporate event, it’s entirely ok to stick with a few old staples you know everyone will enjoy. Here are some of the more traditional promotional items to include in your roster of corporate event handouts.

  • Branded Apparel
  • Branded Totes & Bags
  • Branded Drinkware
  • Branded Seasonal Goodies
  • Branded Travel Essentials
  • Branded Stress Balls
  • Branded Lanyards & Badge Holders

2. Something New

In addition to some of the more traditional items, like pens, mugs, and tees, you can look to bring in one or two promotional products that dazzle and delight in a new, innovative way. Think tech goodies, like portable chargers, branded earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers. But also think about items that promote wellness and betterment, like:

  • Branded Yoga Mats
  • Branded Sleep Masks
  • Branded Fitness Trackers
  • Branded Bath Salts & Toiletries
  • Branded Umbrellas

3. Something Fun

Another great promotional product category involves fun and recreation. Think about what types of giveaway items and door prizes your guests could use to have a little fun, relax, and unwind. 

  • Branded Golf Gear
  • Branded Sports Gear
  • Branded Office Games
  • Branded Playing Cards
  • Branded Coasters & Koozies
  • Branded Cocktail Supplies

4. Something Over the Moon

If you really want a corporate event swag item to stand out from the crowd and get your guests talking, get inspired by these fun and exciting ideas. Consider any themes or itineraries you have for your corporate event. And remember, pretty much everything can be branded!

  • Branded Frying Pan
  • Branded First Aid Kits
  • Branded Boxes of Products
  • Branded Experiences & Gift Cards

5. The Rules of Exceptional Swag

Whatever strategy you develop for your company’s corporate event swag, just be sure to follow a few key rules. The best and most engaging items will have the following characteristics.

  • High-quality and durable: Swag represents your brand, so quality matters. The longer it lasts, the more it can be used and the more people it can be exposed to over time. (So, maybe avoid the company-branded chocolates.)
  • Can be used daily, at work, or at home: You want your swag to be useful, either at home, in the car, or at work. The more they use it, the more people will see it. (That’s why pens and totes work well – they’re handy everywhere.)
  • Desirable: Provide something your corporate event guests actually want and find attractive, desirable, and useful. If they love it, they will use it and show it off. 
  • Relevant to your brand: Find something that sparks a connection to and association with your brand. You’ll get more mileage out of your investment.
  • Unique and memorable: Create something unique that will stand out from any other event swag out there. The more attention you can capture, the better.
  • Recognizable: Use your branding, company colors, and logo prominently on every promotional item to ensure that it’s recognizable. Include your contact info, scannable QR codes, and social media handles, too.

If you’re planning an upcoming corporate event or meeting, don’t forget the swag. And use this list as inspiration as you brainstorm for brilliant ideas and door prizes. Remember, if you really want to make this event a spectacular success, let the EMRG Media team do all the heavy lifting for you! Contact us and tell us about your event!