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Industry Conferences: 7 Signs You Need to Bring in the Event Pros

There are just some things in life that the DIY approach won’t apply. And when you have an injury that requires more than an at-home bandage, you head to the doctor’s office, right? So, why would you try to pull off an industry conference, trade show, or big corporate event without an event planner?

For some marketers, it’s a budget thing. And there’s a misconception that you can save money by keeping all the industry conference planning in-house. But in reality, hiring the right professionals to facilitate and coordinate a brilliant conference will not only save you money – it can make you money. 

And this isn’t to say you don’t have the experience or know-how to event plan your own company conference. But if there’s a better way, with improved results, bigger turnout, and ROI, wouldn’t you want to go that route instead? Wherever you are in your event planning process now, these are a few of the signs and indicators that you could drastically benefit from hiring a professional event planner for your conference.

1. You’re On a Time Crunch

Chances are, you’re trying to plan your industry conference or trade show while still performing your other job-related duties. And considering all the timelines involved with pulling off a great event, like precise timelines for inviting guests, booking the venue, and scheduling the entertainment, you might easily find yourself short on time. If timing is presenting a challenge, you can definitely benefit from bringing in a professional New York event planner. 

2. You Can’t Afford to Fail with Conference Results

Maybe you’ve successfully planned conferences before without incident. But if your upcoming trade show or product launch comes with the added pressure for results, as in, you can’t afford to fail, relieve those pressures with an event professional. Event pros are brilliant under pressure and can take the reins so you can focus on other elements. And because event planning is what they do, you can rest assured knowing every conference detail will be managed with amazing results.

3. You’re Unfamiliar with Area Conference Venues

Planning a company event is one thing. But if you’re planning a conference or trade show with an invite list of several hundred or more, you’re going to need to scale everything – including your venue. If you’re unsure or unfamiliar with the best New York venues for large-scale events, talk to an event planning professional. Event planners know all the best venues, including those that will complement the nature of your conference. Take the guesswork out of these key event details and use a pro who knows the landscape better than anyone.

4. You Don’t Have the Resources to Manage Legal and Logistics

When you’re planning a large-scale event, like a product launch, conference, or trade show, you’ll have more logistics to consider. And there will be additional legal aspects to manage. These can be out of your wheelhouse and overwhelming without the right resources. If you have questions about accessibility, travel logistics, event provisions, and safety requirements, turn things over to an event planner who knows and understands the dynamics of all of the above.

5. You’re Short on Event Tech Know-How

Are you bringing in digital badge readers? Do you have an event app in addition to the dedicated conference website? What about virtual event initiatives for those who can’t attend in person? These elements are just a few of the must-have technologies needed for today’s industry conferences. And if you’re short on event tech knowledge, it’s ok! Your trusted event planner knows all the best tools and resources to use to make your conference modern, engaging, and tech-infused at every turn.

6. You’re Stumped About Choosing Conference Speakers 

What about keynote speakers or guest presenters? Do you have the connections to invite big-name contributors? If you’re struggling to get your speaker lineup in order, or want help securing celebrity guests, turn to the event planning pros. Event planning experts have all the connections and know all the right people to help you develop an incredible speaking lineup, along with celebrity endorsements and guests. 

7. You Need Help Finding Reliable Event Vendors

Planning a company holiday party might not present too many challenges with your vendor lineup. You can find caterers, DJs, and florists for those smaller gatherings without issue. But when you’re planning a large-scale conference or trade show, you’re going to need vendors who have the bench strength to deliver large-scale results. And instead of calling around and trying to find vendors on your own, hire an event planner who can line up all the best, most reliable vendors you need to execute a seamless New York conference.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, it’s time to call EMRG Media! Hire our team of professionals to plan, coordinate, and execute the most brilliant New York events and conferences!