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Becoming a Corporate Event Planner in New York in 2017

Become a Corporate Event Planner NYC

Anyone interested in becoming a corporate event planner in New York should start by understanding that it is not just about party planning. This is true whether you are considering a path in corporate event planning and/or social events. A professional corporate event planner in New York focuses on the reason or purpose of having an event, and does their best to make sure the planning process is just as efficient and successful as the actual event.

Two things you can be sure of is…

1)    A typical corporate event planner in New York creates and delivers a plan that meets the purpose, message or impression that an organization or client is trying to communicate.

2)    Corporate event planners in New York work longer and use non-traditional hours to plan and execute all the details relating to a variety of meeting formats. They think outside of the box when it comes to planning & developing event plans, seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, programs incentives, golf events, conventions and many other corporate event types.

A successful corporate event planner in New York must develop the following skills:

• Verbal and written communications

• Management of the organization and time

• Project management and multitasking

• Being a coach and a team player

• Understanding Microsoft Office applications

• Detail and deadline

• Being Quiet and pleasant under pressure

• Negotiation

• The budget of the administration

• Staff management

• Marketing and PR

• Interpersonal skills with all levels of management

Other needed skills include the ability to:

• Build relationships with venue owners & management

• Stay up to date with catering innovations

• Know the ins and outs of the production process

• Follow entertainment trends

• Familiarize yourself with the latest event giveaways

• Provide convenient methods of transportation for guests

• Choose meeting spaces and hotels that not only fit the client’s needs, but also, that of the attendees.

Do I need a degree to become a Corporate Event Planner in NYC?

Those looking for a career as a corporate event planner in New York come from a variety of professions and academic backgrounds. Many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in certain events related courses. However, many successful planners begin in other professions or take up administrative duties, including fulfilling planning responsibilities and work their way up the ladder.

For starters, people don’t HAVE TO have a background in planning events to get into the industry. However,  possessing the qualities of a good professional planner can include having:

·         Organizational skills

·         Flexibility

·         Creativity

·         Business knowledge

·         Detail oriented

·         Excellent customer service qualities

·         Ability to multitask

·         Expert time management skills

Getting Started as a Corporate Event Planner in New York

To begin a career as a corporate event planner in New York can be overwhelming at first. Often it feels like there is a lot to know and so little time to learn everything. But, with an action plan and taking small steps every week, before you know it, you would have most of the skills and knowledge needed to be as successful as the top corporate event planner in NYC.

Attention to detail is quite important, especially during the initial planning phases. That’s why strategy is key during every level of planning. With a strong strategic plan and a good system of checks and balances, your events should go off without a hitch!

Here are A Few Ways to Start:

1. Volunteering. Donate some of your time to a nonprofit or a company that often hosts events so that you can get experience with dealing with vendors such as: a caterer, florist, event designer, entertainer, etc.

If you are already planning events under another company or event planning agency, move on to a position of authority and assume more responsibilities. By showing your courage, it is often as simple as asking your manager for events and more work.

2. Output and Networking.  Join associations such as Meeting Planners, which can be International, or any Special Events of the company, for example. The more people you meet, the more you develop relationships in the industry, the easier it will be to build your career in planning events.

3. Create a portfolio of events to show your experience and knowledge. In addition to developing relationships with other event planners, establish a network with suppliers or partners, such as caterers, musicians, and media personalities to increase your exposure and your circle of influence. Remember to keep a portfolio of contacts, plans, and event images that you can use to show potential clients as reference.


Whether event planning is your primary responsibility or a secondary task you’ve taken on, becoming a corporate event planner in NYC is a fruitful career to dedicate yourself to. Companies small and big are hiring corporate event planners to help manage parts or all of their events. In fact, hiring experienced third party event planners is quite common these days for all corporate functions.

Learning the ropes from the onset of the planning stages all the way to the execution of a corporate event consists of many moving parts, but with experience and commitment, you can and will become one of the best in the biz!