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6 Advantages of Hiring a NYC Event Planner for Corporate Event Success

New York corporate event planning is an intricate process and challenging for those individuals whose companies have tagged them as the official internal “corporate event planner.” For a successful corporate event, even more expectations are on the table, and not just anyone can pull off a brilliant brand event, meeting, or conference. 

But why add a full-time job worth of responsibility to an already full plate and existing workload when you don’t have to go it alone? Why not bring in a corporate event planning professional who can handle all the details? Here’s how hiring an NYC corporate event planner can give your company an advantage and streamline the event planning process.

1. Save Money with a Corporate Event Planner 

Having an event budget is one of the most important steps of event planning. Event planners can help you establish a budget, work within that budget, and know how to disperse that budget effectively. They serve as a great sounding board of what’s reasonable and affordable as far as event vision.

NYC event planners also have a lot of professional connections, discounts, and packages that aren’t advertised to the public. This can save extra money without compromising quality and work to set your corporate event apart from all the others. And the budget bonus – hiring a corporate event planner means having a master negotiator in your corner.

2. A Corporate Event Planner Has Insider Access

Trends, venues, caterers, entertainment, party favors, and more are all at your fingertips when you hire an event planner. The insider connections an event planner can offer are second to none. They’re the first to know about venue openings, the trendiest event themes, and the best entertainment deals. And you can bring all those insights to your corporate event or meeting.

3. Take A Load Off

NYC event planning can be stressful, to say the least, especially for someone who’s not in regular event planning practice. It’s a NYC event planner’s full-time job to execute every element of the event planning process, from budget to event registration and beyond.

Why add that extra anxiety, tension, and worry? Professional corporate event planners create a low-stress, pleasant experience that allows you to enjoy yourself just as much as your corporate event guests.

4. Knowledge and Experience Like No Other

The knowledge and experience of a corporate event planner are worth the money to hire one. They know what can go wrong, how to establish foolproof backup plans, and how to make sure each guest has a fabulous experience. 

Corporate event planning is an art in itself, and I’m sure we all have experienced great events and ones that land a little flat. Hiring a fantastic event planner with experience and knowledge of the NYC area is the best way to make sure your event is not only top-notch but enjoyable.

5. Save Time with a Corporate Event Planner

Saving money and staying on budget when planning an event is almost as important as saving time. Event planning is a full-time job to do it right. Save yourself the time and spare yourself the headache by hiring a professional whose job is solely event planning. You don’t have to worry about anything other than a few meetings to hash out the details. 

6. Imagination Station

It can be difficult to envision a perfect event at full scale. Knowing what themes translate well in certain venues or itineraries can be that much more difficult. That’s where a professional event planner has your back. It’s another mind that provides a unique perspective on what your vision is and knows exactly what needs to happen to execute it. 

EMRG Media To the Rescue

Effective event planning takes imagination, creativity, and strategic connections. EMRG Media has all of that and more. With our amazing corporate event planners with even more impressive connections and networking lines, your next corporate event is going to shine, sparkle, and wow your guests.

Don’t clam up the next time a corporate event is proposed or put on the calendar. Give us a shout first. Talk to any one of our amazing NYC event planners and see what options are available to bring your next corporate event to life.