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Alleviate the Office Party Planning Stress with These 5 Insights

Let’s face it. New York office parties can rock all night. But planning the party is another story. Office party planning can get downright stressful, with all the details to manage, vendors to wrangle, and guests to accommodate. It doesn’t have to a white-knuckle experience, though.

We’ve compiled a few insights to help make the office party planning process a lot more zen. So, keep reading for some insider knowledge to help you enjoy not only the end result but also the office party planning process.

1. Create A List (Or Two)

Every great plan starts with a great list. And that truth extends to event planning. A list (or two) helps give a visual to a party planner of what needs to be done, what needs to be explored, or what needs to be delegated.

Also, a neat little list can also provide a way to track progress. Tasks can be crossed off when they’re finished. And that can be extremely satisfying as mini rewards throughout the process. Take those basic lists to a whole new level with digital event management software that can help.

2. Set A Budget

One of the most important tasks to help establish party planning parameters is to set a budget. It can be strict or loose. However, the stricter it is, the better boundaries it serves. Setting a budget when event planning, especially in New York, is a must. If there isn’t a budget, event costs can get out of hand very quickly.

Consider how much of the budget is available to each aspect of a company party. This helps break things down and see what aspects can be cut down or given a little extra wiggle room.

3. Plan Ahead (Way Ahead)

Sometimes, parties and events are last minute or on the more unexpected side. Here, New York events can celebrate anything under the sun, and some of those might be put together on the fly. What can help alleviate a lot of stress throughout the year, however, is having an event calendar.

The regular company events, which may include quarterly sales celebrations, holiday parties, or team-building events, organize neatly on a calendar. There’s even a bit of an industry shift to year-round events rather than annual events worth exploring. And with a calendar in place, you can plan ahead, especially in booking your top-choice New York venues and entertainment that book up to a year in advance.

4. Delegate the Details

Delegating tasks to a team or a few volunteers can take a significant load of stress off of you as the office party planner. Someone can be responsible for gathering quotes for catering options, for example. Others can help with vetting entertainment or organizing door prizes. Spending time on the phone or online is about half the party planning job. Don’t be afraid to bring in helpers with those time-consuming tasks.

5. Speaking of Delegating

Event planners are an incredible resource to utilize in the party planning space. Your company doesn’t have to be a national brand, out there planning galas, award shows, and benefit banquets to leverage the expertise of a New York event planner. EMRG Media has the best and brightest event planners for whatever your event needs may entail. 

So, take a load off of your plate and chat with us! See how our event planners organize impressive events and office parties without you having to carry the burden and stress.