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7 Team-Building Event Activities to Inspire Your Next Corporate Event

Team building activities are growing in popularity among companies, large and small. Team-building is an essential function of many corporate structures, and New York companies aren’t an exception. As a person in charge of your office’s events, incorporating fun, different, and engaging team-building event activities into your next corporate get-together is a top priority. And these seven team-building ideas can inspire your next company event. So, incorporate these ideas into your next corporate event, and everyone will be impressed!

1. Host a Team-Building Event Game Night

An assortment of games is a classic way to get your colleagues involved in some friendly and sometimes competitive activity. Game nights are great because they can be customized to the different office personalities. Additionally, classic games are great options because participants generally know the rules of play, fostering a comfort level among your staff and guests. Whether you set up traditional games, like Pictionary, or put a creative spin on an old favorite, like a giant checkerboard game, everyone will get excited about playing.

2. Cult of Personalities

This game idea serves a few purposes. For starters, it can engage guests, direct discussion in a productive way, and highlight individual roles. Moreover, the goal of this activity is to highlight different strengths and weaknesses of a team. These skills coincide with different personalities of each team member. And it’s valuable in learning more about contributing roles in the company.

3. Collaborative Team Building with Pieces of the Puzzle

Completing a puzzle is a great team-building activity to spread out over a corporate event that might span a few days, like during retreats. Puzzles can offer more subdued fun, as a secondary engagement, perfect for quiet corners away from the excitement of main event entertainment. Or turn puzzle-making into a timed challenge, complete with team prizes.

4. Human Knot for Hands-On Fun

Untangling a human knot is one of the more “hands-on” activities on this list. As a disclaimer, this is most appropriate for those clients who have a very close-knit office culture and don’t mind sharing personal spaces. Make it a little more challenging by adding a time limit or restricting verbal communication, and really see how your team functions under pressure at your next company event.

5. Real-Life Game Shows

If you really want to amplify your team-building event’s energy, transform a traditional stage into a popular game show stage. Coordinate teams for a hilarious game of Family Feud. Or challenge colleagues with a company version of Jeopardy. Just don’t forget to include the prizes, both for the winners, as well as the consolation.

6. Scavenger Hunt, Team-Building Event Style

Scavenger hunts are great games to incorporate into your team-building activities. Assemble teams and get creative about the items to find. And watch employees work together collaboratively to check their items off the list first. These engagements help new staff members assimilate into the existing teams and serve as great icebreakers, too. You’ll have creative flexibility to create hunts within your chosen New York venue or expand it beyond the boundaries of a venue, allowing teams to roam the city!

7. Escape Rooms for Events

For a more out-of-the-box and out-of-office focus, an escape room can serve as a great opportunity to see how your team operates in a novel environment. Pair this with a lesson-learning debrief after everyone has “escaped.” Additionally, this can lead to more discussions of who assumed certain roles, who surprised others, etc. Additionally, escape rooms are top picks among companies today. They’re centered around collaboration and problem-solving, core elements of any team-building event.

Team-Building Event Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Creatively Stressful

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