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Break the Mold with These 5 Corporate Meeting Planning Ideas

Sure, you have an agenda to get through with your upcoming corporate meeting. But it doesn’t mean your company event can’t also be infused with a little fun and entertainment. Think outside the corporate meeting box and break free of the yawn-worthy engagements with these brilliant ideas.

1. Book an Arcade or Arcade Experience

Arcade fun isn’t just for the kids. Adults, especially those participating in all-day corporate meeting events, can benefit from a little nostalgic fun and excitement. But think beyond pinball and air hockey. Get creative with all kinds of adult-friendly games your corporate attendees will love:

  • Tech games incorporating VR competitions
  • Barcades with beer, wine, and cocktail options
  • Bowling, skee-ball, and circus favorites

2. Bring Your Pet to the Meeting 

It’s not uncommon for companies to allow pet-friendly workplaces. If your company favors Fido, consider making your corporate event meetings paw-supportive, as well. Allow your guests to bring along their favorite fur friends, extending the company culture into the meeting. And it also introduces an element of fun and casual authenticity, often missing from the traditional corporate meeting environment. As an added bonus, when attendees introduce themselves, they can also introduce their well-mannered pets.

3. Offer a Hands-On Class As a Meeting Break

Your company’s upcoming corporate meeting will no doubt have a rigid itinerary to execute, including discussions and presentations. But you’ll want to schedule in a few breakout sessions and time away from the business of “work.” Consider a brief class or workshop, including a cooking demonstration or mixology class. These activities are fun and also allow for a little friendly discourse and distraction from the tedious review of reports and projections.

4. Introduce Games and Challenges

Consider introducing a little friendly competition into your corporate meeting. Games, challenges, and trivia are all great activities to bring to your corporate events. They inspire team-building, serve as exciting breaks throughout the day, and incorporate prizes. So, get inspired to take your next company meeting to a new level of engagement with:

  • An escape room challenge
  • A themed trivia competition
  • A scavenger hunt

5. EMRG Media Can Make Your Meetings Fun Again

If you really want to break the mold with your company’s corporate meetings and conferences, hire the professional team of event planners who can reimagine every company engagement for you – EMRG Media! Let our decades of experience in New York City as corporate event planners guide your efforts and infuse every meeting with excitement and genuinely fun experiences. Contact our pros today, and let’s start planning all your 2024 corporate events and meetings!