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5 of the Most Frequent Office Party Planning Questions, Answered

For those of you, as department managers, small business owners, and HR professionals who are charged with planning the official office party for 2024, keep reading. We’re EMRG Media, NYC’s premier event planners for corporate events. And over our decades of event planning, we’ve fielded a LOT of questions about office parties. Today, we’re sharing some of the most frequently asked questions we see, along with the answers you need to plan your next event with confidence.

1. How far in advance should you start planning your company’s office party?

While most of your event vendors will suggest booking their services a year in advance, some will require even more advance notice. The best New York City venues, for example, will be booked two years or more ahead of time. Additionally, the time of the year you’re planning your office party matters, too, since holiday seasons tend to be more hectic for event services. Ideally, consider booking your big-ticket services well in advance.

2. What are some tips for choosing the right New York City venue for your office party?

Choosing the NYC venue may be the most important office party decision to make first. You’ll want to confirm the date availability and capacity to start. But you’ll also want to choose the right venue with a flexible layout and design options to accommodate your company party. If you choose an outdoor venue, consider indoor alternatives should there be inclement weather. And follow through with a venue checklist to check parking, in-house catering, and audiovisual.

3. Should your company choose an office party theme?

Yes! Whether you’re hosting a more professional product launch or conference or you’re curating a fun, team-building event or relaxing summer outing, themes make every event more memorable. Moreover, themes can help you plan other event details, too, including the menu, the music, and the decor. From red-carpet Hollywood and Great Gatsby costumes to Hawaiian luau casual or summer beach parties, pick a great theme to resonate with your company.

4. What kind of entertainment should you consider for your company event?

Even if every event detail is meticulously brilliant, if your event entertainment flops, so will your office party. Get inspired to bring engaging and exciting entertainment to your office party based on what your guests enjoy. Bring the live band or DJ, the photo booth, the trivia games, the dancers, the comedians, and even the celebrity guest! Layer in your entertainment for an office party full of engaging thrills.

5. Should you hire a NYC event planner for your company’s party?

You don’t have to hire an event planner, but why wouldn’t you? Trust the pros who specialize in organized, detail-oriented event planning. Additionally, bring in the experts who can wrangle vendors, offer creative inspiration, and help you bring your office party vision to life. In New York City, companies, small and large, trust EMRG Media with all their office party planning efforts. You can, too – Give us a call about your 2024 company outings and corporate events! Let’s make all your corporate events memorable and exciting!