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Company Summer Outings: 5 Event Planning Details to Not Overlook

There are some obvious company summer outing details to nail down when planning your corporate event. You’ll, of course, need to book the summer outing venue, the catering service, and the entertainment. But this event planning list of details goes beyond the basics. Today, we’re sharing the more obscure event elements that companies sometimes overlook when planning their office parties and summer outings.

1. Summer Outing Event Themes Are Essential

Don’t just host a get-together with co-workers and guests when you can assign fun and exciting summer themes to elevate the engagement. When you choose an over-arching theme for your event, many of the other event-planning decisions will fall into place, aligning with your theme. Here are a few great theme ideas for summer outings to inspire your company parties this year:

  • Ice cream socials
  • Beach bum parties
  • Fiesta celebrations
  • Pool parties
  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Hawaiian luaus
  • Summer Olympics
  • Derby parties

2. Dole Out the Summertime Swag

Another summer party detail not to be overlooked is the swag. Show your company’s appreciation to your teams with brilliant swag, door prizes, and branded gifts. And make those seasonally appropriate, like company-branded beach towels, sunglasses, and beach hats. Design and order your summer outing promotional items well in advance so you have something fun and memorable to offer employees and guests.

3. Create Signature Cocktails and Mocktails

While you’re picking the menu options for meal service, don’t forget to curate a perfect summer outing drink menu. Introduce signature cocktails that align with your event’s theme. And be sure to include non-alcoholic beverages for guests. Consider sending out pre-event surveys to gauge preferences and then get creative!

4. Bring the Games and Interactive Activities

Simply assembling your employees and providing music isn’t enough entertainment to successfully sustain a summer outing event. Layer all kinds of event entertainment, remembering to include activities, trivia, games, and interactive elements. These extras will ensure your guests have a great time throughout the duration of the summer outing. Get inspired by these popular event activities:

  • Escape rooms
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Summer sports
  • Bocci ball
  • VR games

5. Let EMRG Media Be Your Summer Outing Planner

If you really want your employees and staff to be dazzled at this year’s summer outing, let EMRG Media be your official party planner. We have years of experience curating all kinds of corporate events. And we know every magical detail to make it over-the-top-memorable. Contact us, and let’s get a jump on your company’s summer outings!