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Planning a Corporate Product Launch? 5 Insights to Make It an ROI Success

If your company has plans for launching a new product this year, you’ll likely also be coordinating a dedicated event for the launch. In-person events with hybrid event experiences are great tools for brands looking to celebrate and introduce new innovations. Today’s product launch events continue to be wildly successful for the brands that host them, too. And these are the high-value insights to keep in mind as you plan your corporate event, especially if ROI success is the goal. Create some to-do lists for your company team of delegated planners and prepare to bring serious wow factor to your big event.

1. Setting Up the Launch Logistics

Of course, you’ll want to outline a logistics plan for your event. This includes choosing the best-fit New York City venue with great design flexibility and accommodations for your product launch. You’ll also want to account for any catering, audiovisual capabilities, photography, entertainment, stage presentations, and guest speakers. Consider working through an event planning logistics checklist to ensure you account for every vendor needed to curate a successful event.

2. Improving the Product Launch Event’s Engagement and Effectiveness

Next up are the plans and strategies for making your product launch an exciting and engaging experience. Consider partnering with industry influencers, for example, to help build support with a broader audience. Plan for contests, games, and giveaways as interactive entertainment. Bring in top performers and live entertainment to elevate the energy level of your corporate event, too. You’ll want to make sure your every touch point and event experience is memorable, aligns with your company brand, and showcases your new product in a tangible way.

3. Setting Up Your Product Experience Zones

Since the core of your product launch event is your new product, you’ll want to dedicate spaces for guests to sample and experience it. Creating product experience zones, or areas where event attendees can see demonstrations or try out your product, is key to inspiring early product adoption. Work with your NYC venue to create these spaces with guest comfort and convenience in mind.

4. Telling Your Product’s Story

Woven throughout your product launch event is the messaging. Make it resonate with your audience by telling a compelling story, tying how your new product forges brand innovation. Use content throughout your event marketing strategy that demonstrates how your product can solve customer problems. It’s the story you tell that wins over guests and authenticates your launch initiatives. 

5. Hire Product Launch Event Planning Experts

If you really want your New York product launch event to be an overwhelming ROI success, it’s best to bring in the pros. So, trust a team like ours at EMRG Media, with decades of experience in curating impactful and ROI-driven corporate events. Let our experts handle the logistics, the strategies, the marketing, and more, not missing a single detail. It’s the best way to ensure your event successfully launches your company product and drives big bottom-line results.

Keep these insights handy as you start carving out your plans for your company’s product launch event. Also, call EMRG Media for the expert help you need to make it happen!