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40 Fun & Exciting Event Entertainment Options for Your Upcoming Milestone Birthday Party

Birthdays are a cause for celebration no matter how old your guest of honor is turning. It’s a time to pause and reflect on another year of life while celebrating with friends and family. Birthday parties are a perfect opportunity to make memories and create a lasting experience with loved ones. Plus, there’s usually cake! Planning a New York City birthday party can come with its challenges, but we’re here to help! With all the event entertainment options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down which is best suited for your party. It’s best to know where your party is taking place, what theme you’re going with, and how many people will be attending. Then, it’s time to figure out the best event entertainment to really elevate the milestone party you’re planning!

Why is Milestone Birthday Party Entertainment Important?

When planning a milestone birthday, it’s time to go all out and make the person you’re celebrating feel special. Event entertainment can take your party to the next level for a number of reasons. These professionals bring their expertise to the party to help connect people while creating memories that will last long after the party is over.

The options for event entertainment are endless, but the premise remains the same. Create a fun atmosphere so all your guests have a fantastic time. These performers can increase the energy, promote engagement, and complement all the other elements of your party. They’ll reduce stress on you as the event planner and be a focal point of conversation for your partygoers. 

Some event entertainment options are great considerations regardless of the milestone birthday. So, book the music entertainment and bring in the VR gaming experiences. But don’t stop there. Make your next milestone birthday party a monumental success by considering some of these extra fun and unique event entertainment ideas!

Event Entertainment for Kids

Kids’ birthday parties are high energy, and the entertainment should match that energetic tone. By hiring a professional, you can let them take the lead on the fun and games while you focus on the rest.

  1. Balloon Artist
  2. Petting Zoo
  3. Puppet Show
  4. Bounce House
  5. Face Painting
  6. Costumed Character
  7. Clowns
  8. Magicians

Event Entertainment for Tweens & Teens

You may have an opinionated teen on your hands that’s beyond the “little kid” activities. So it’s only fitting that the entertainment suits their style. They’ll want something unique to really wow their friends, too.

  1. Spa Party
  2. DJ
  3. LED Performer
  4. Henna Artist
  5. Photo Booth
  6. Airbrush Artist
  7. Caricaturist
  8. Paint Party

Event Entertainment for Young Adults

The transition from childhood to adulthood calls for a huge bash with some over-the-top entertainment. These elaborate ideas can enhance any party theme you’re planning.

  1. Flair Bartender
  2. Hypnotist
  3. Tarot Card Reader
  4. Top 40 Band
  5. Fire Dancer
  6. Belly Dancer
  7. Scavenger Hunts
  8. Escape Rooms

Event Entertainment for Seasoned Adults

Whether you’re planning a big birthday blowout at a NYC venue or a more intimate party at home, these entertainment ideas can fit any style party you’re curating. 

  1. Cover Band
  2. Movie Screening
  3. Paint and Sip Party
  4. Food Truck
  5. Tea Party
  6. Casino Party
  7. Silhouette Artist
  8. Comedian

Event Entertainment for Seniors

Bring back fond memories of yesteryear while creating new ones at the same time. Your guests will be feeling nostalgic while traveling down memory lane with these charming ideas.

  1. Tribute Band
  2. Barbershop Quartet
  3. Swing Dancers
  4. Singing Pianist
  5. Elvis Impersonator
  6. Motown Group
  7. Murder Mystery Party
  8. Ventriloquist

Party Planning in NYC Is Exciting with EMRG Media!

Milestone birthdays are worth every effort and penny spent celebrating your loved ones. These monumental and once-in-a-lifetime events are sure to create memories that will be cherished by everyone involved. The pros at EMRG Media are here to help you plan all the details when it comes to event entertainment and more! Contact our team and let’s start curating your milestone event for the ages!