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10 Milestone Birthdays That Warrant a Huge Party in New York City

You may have Thanksgiving and the holidays on your mind right now, but 2024 will be here soon. And the new year might also bring some milestone birthdays – either one of your own or among friends and family. So, what technically is a milestone birthday? Today, we’ll share examples of all kinds of special occasion birthday celebrations, all of which are worth event planning a monumental milestone birthday party in New York City!

Milestone Birthdays, Defined

By definition, milestone birthdays are those that usually commemorate birthdays by the decade. So, 30th, 40th, and 50th birthday parties are the most common. But there are other milestones, signifying the passage of life and achievements. And as long as you’re preparing to celebrate any special occasion birthday, it’s worth event planning a memorable, high-energy party in the Big Apple.

Teenage Milestones

Some official milestone birthday celebrations commemorate teenage milestones. Here are just a few of the birthdays that warrant big New York parties worthy of teenage greatness!

  • 13th – Traditional age of the mitzvah and first “teen” year.
  • 15th – Traditional age of the quinceanera.
  • 16th – Official age to secure a driver’s license.
  • 18th – Marking the first year of adulthood, voting rights, military.

Prime of Life Milestone Birthdays

If you or a loved one in 2024 is planning to celebrate one of these prime-of-life milestone birthdays, you should definitely start party planning now. There are no rules about what year you can celebrate. However, these are a few of the most popular birthday milestones worth hosting a NYC event to celebrate.

  • 21st – Legal age to consume and order alcoholic beverages.
  • 30th – First milestone decade, signifying adulthood.
  • 40th – Second milestone decade, signifying maturity.

Over the Hill Milestone Birthday Parties

If you’re preparing to say goodbye to your 40s, it’s time to start event planning a BIG party. These milestones, and every decade or mid-decade thereafter, deserve an over-the-top New York City event for the books!

  • 50th – Marks the mid-century celebration of life.
  • 60th – Approaching retirement.
  • 65th – Traditional retirement age.
  • And Beyond – Any birthday beyond 50 is worth an extravagant NYC celebration!

EMRG Media Can Help Plan All Your NYC Milestone Birthday Parties

Whatever milestones you expect in 2024, trust EMRG Media to handle all the party planning for you! Check out some of our past events online, and let us help you plan the most memorable and exciting birthday celebration! Contact our expert planning team, and let’s start coordinating!