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Insights for Curating an Incredible Product Launch Event for Your Company

Whether you’re the company’s founder, CFO, marketing director, or VP, you know that the company’s upcoming product launch is important. And if you’re now in charge of planning the upcoming product launch, you have a new challenge ahead. You might know the product line or service offering inside and out, too. However, planning an event is an entirely different strategy. Moreover, creating publicity, choosing the right NYC venue, and coordinating event services vendors are only part of the effort. Also, you’ll need to set product launch goals and metrics for post-event analytics. There will be event details to consider, like themes and designs. And any misstep could reflect negatively on your company or new product. 

Here at EMRG Media, we know how incredibly important this product launch event is for you. To help, we’re sharing insights today to guide your event planning efforts, ensuring you have a wildly successful outcome. 

Tackle the Event Launch As You Would the Product Launch

Before you made internal company decisions to create or develop a new product line, you followed a series of steps and stages to planning. 

  • Market Research: You likely conducted in-depth market research about the need or demand for your new product. And you studied competitive analysis to develop a strategic position.
  • Product Development: You took careful steps in R&D to consider every detail in product development, ensuring a perfectly aligned final product result.
  • Refined: Once your first draft product was complete, your teams regrouped to fine-tune, test, and improve it to its best version.
  • Marketing: You delegated other teams to create a robust new product marketing strategy and plan based on goals and target market personas.
  • Pre-Launch: You created contingency plans based on pre-launch simulations, anticipating further refinements or improvements.
  • Launch: You executed the official launch of your company’s newest innovation, beginning first with local communities, vendors, clients, and supporters. 
  • Post-Launch Analysis: You collected and studied the post-launch data to measure its reception, new customer sales, and first-impression feedback.

Of course, a company product launch is more involved and complex than these listed steps. But there’s a point – look at that list of stages you followed, only now, from the role of planning a product launch event. You’ll need to conduct event research and develop an event plan. Also, you’ll have to refine the event details, create an event marketing plan, prepare for pre-event launch initiatives, and follow up with post-event analysis. 

And when you’re ready to curate a stunning and bottom-line boosting product launch event for your company’s latest offering, these are the insights you need to know.

Choosing Your Launch Event Audience

There is a target market for your company’s new product. And you’ll want to create a plan for appealing to them with your upcoming event. But you can also boost your product launch event’s success by including your company’s biggest supporters, vendors, and existing customers. Using these potential attendees, you can select an event date that works well for everyone.

  • Create a list of company champions to invite.
  • Cultivate a target audience of new potential customers to invite.
  • Collaborate with company partners and product investors to invite.

Developing a Winning Event Vendor List

To plan any kind of corporate event or conference in New York, you’re going to need to tap in some high-profile and incredibly successful event services partners.

  • Choosing a great NYC venue to accommodate your guests and event.
  • Choosing catering professionals, food and beverage experts, and mixologists for any bar services.
  • Choosing prominent guest speakers, celebrity guests, and product launch introduction teams.
  • Choosing high-energy event entertainment, including DJs, artists, photo booths, and immersive activations.
  • Choosing talented audiovisual professionals to facilitate presentations, create immersive experiences, and set up hands-on demonstrations.

And you’ll want photographers to document every moment, florists to assist with aesthetics, and rental companies to provide additional seating or supplies. Create this list of high-value partners first. Then, you can begin exploring your options, sampling, and meeting with partners before selecting them.

Prepare a Launch Event Marketing Plan

Just as you would prepare a marketing plan for launching your company’s new product, you’ll want a dedicated event marketing roadmap for executing your launch event. 

  • Consider a marketing timeline to promote and engage your audience, usually several weeks before the event.
  • Determine event promotions to inspire ticket sales and attendance, including early-bird specials, VIP experiences, and early product purchase discounts.
  • Use every available channel to reach your target audience, including email marketing, social media, sales funnel landing pages, and a dedicated product launch event website. 
  • Curate sponsors, exhibitors, or event supporters who might be willing to trade services for promotional opportunities.
  • Create buzz about the product launch with countdowns, press releases, and event teasers about speakers or event experiences.

Let EMRG Media Do the Event Planning for You

Don’t tackle this product launch event for your company on your own or as an internal project. Instead, let EMRG Media be your ultimate planning partner. With decades of experience planning and executing brilliant product launches, corporate events, and industry conferences, we know how to manage every important detail. So, from the first invite to the final post-event analysis, we can help you every step of the way to meet your launch event goals and make this new product the HOT buzz everyone’s talking about! Contact us, and let’s start planning!