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18 Brilliant NYC Catering Companies, Perfect for Social Events

When New Yorkers have something important to celebrate, they throw a party. And you might be looking at the months ahead, anticipating a special occasion yourself. So, whether you’re planning a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, a retirement party, a quinceanera, a milestone birthday celebration, or any social event, you’re going to need to coordinate a host of event services to make it great. One of the most important event vendors you’ll need to choose is the New York catering professional. 

There is a lot that goes into choosing the best-fit catering professional for your special event. There are also LOTS of highly qualified and exquisitely brilliant caterers in New York to consider. Moreover, it can be the most challenging event planning decision you’ll have to make, too, considering guest dietary preferences, choosing recipes that complement your event theme, and settling on a pro who can provide a unique meal experience. Therefore, we’re stepping in to offer some catering selection guidance. And according to top industry resources and online reviews, the following are among the best New York catering companies to book!

Insights for Choosing the Right New York Catering Professional

Before you start exploring caterers for your upcoming NYC event, there are a few things to know. Remember, your event is unique and requires a dedicated catering partner who understands your guests, your celebration, and the different meal-service preferences required. So, here are a few insights to consider when evaluating your catering options so you know you’re selecting the best-fit professional for the big day.

  • Dive in to explore a caterer’s reviews online, including Yelp, Facebook, and Google.
  • Review the online pricing and menus available, but remember that caterers will often be flexible with both in discussing specific events.
  • Verify meal service certifications and insurance coverage before partnering.
  • Inquire about the caterer’s food prep methods, including off-site versus on-site preparations.
  • Determine whether or not the caterer provides additional service staff for your event.
  • Schedule a time with your potential caterers to sample the fare.
  • It’s helpful to book a catering professional who has experience with your type of event or a past history of meal service at your chosen event venue.
  • Be sure to examine contracts and agreements to understand pricing and meal service expectations.

A Few of Party Slate’s New York Catering Favorites

Party Slate is a great resource for finding event services unique to your type of event and by geographic area. Here are some of the top mentions, based on rave guest experiences, for NYC catering pros you simply must consider for your upcoming event.

1. BITE New York 

Food that celebrates personalities


From perfect cheeseburgers to buttery Sevruga caviar, BITE New York serves up delectable works of art with every gourmet appetizer and dish. Create a menu that vibes with your event personality!

2. Savory Hospitality

Sustainable, locally sourced love of food


This boutique catering company is in midtown Manhattan and is known for their commitment to sustainable, delicious food that delights every single guest. When locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly preparation matter to you, Savory Hospitality is your first call.

3. KALON Event + Food Design

Food experiences that spark conversation


Get your event guest talking about these imaginatively designed bites, creative new flavor inspirations, and artistically presented dishes. Elevate from the mundane to the extraordinary with every appetizer and main course!

4. La Mila Catering & Events

The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2023


When your event’s food, beverage, and meal service has to be just as dazzling as the decor and entertainment, it has to be deliciously crafted by La Mila Catering & Events. Breathe new life into traditional meals and delight your guests with every aroma and taste!

5. Marcia Selden Catering & Events

Quite simply, one of the best


Gourmet and luxurious are this New York catering team’s middle name, and it shows with every delectable morsel and plate served. Discover why so many hail Marcia Selden Catering & Events as one of the best!

6. Great Performances

Traditional global dishes with modern-day flair and artisanship


You’ll find Great Performances at the top of many NYC best-of lists because this team knows exactly how to “enhance life’s celebrations” with incredible food and culinary delights. Whatever you’re celebrating, make sure the food is as memorable as the special occasion!

Photo by Rene Asmussen: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-pouring-wine-on-glasses-3217157/ - catering

Top Event Caterers from NYC Rated

NYC Rated is another online resource to help you sift through the countless options for local event services in New York City. Additionally, according to reviews and online sentiments, these NYC catering companies deserve a look and a taste! Start exploring these top talents!

7. NY Catering Service

Events deserve memorable food


Let Chef Chris Nirschel transform your event with memorable food creations worthy of celebrity royalty. When celebs trust Chef with their events, you know you’re in store for a dazzling meal service experience!

8. What’s The Kitch Catering Company

How food, flavor, and fun come together


Expect five-star, gourmet catering with fresh local ingredients, “pan to plate” services, and big taste bud impressions with every guest bite. Infuse playful fun with innovative recipes and iconic dishes that delight!

9. Deborah Miller Catering & Events

Deeply rooted in experience


Bespoke New York catering at its finest, perfect for mitzvahs, weddings, and corporate events alike, and known for delightful dishes that inspire joy among your guests. Hire the catering professionals who know exactly how to deliver an upscale food experience!

10. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering

Authentic New York catering delights


Whether you’re serving 50 people or 500, let Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering elevate your event with each scrumptious and mouth-watering plate. Bring sophisticated luxury to your appetizer and main course menu for a truly posh event meal!

11. Dish Food & Events

Seasonally inspired, contemporarily prepared, globally-influenced


Envision your event’s meal service as a truly engaging guest experience with innovative recipes, artistic presentations, and expertly crafted bites. Check out the reviews and browse the gallery to get inspired with Dish Food & Events!

12. Darbar Restaurants & Catering

Customized wedding dishes for all


Experience Indian cuisine like you’ve never tasted before with luxurious presentations, gourmet ingredients, and delightfully cultural tastes. Bring the iconic tastes and fare of Indian cuisine to your social event celebrations!

Photo by Daria Andrievskaya: https://www.pexels.com/photo/catering-appetizers-on-wooden-board-next-to-empty-champagne-glasses-11066891/ - catering

High-Star Rated New York Caterers as Featured on The Knot

You likely know of The Knot, even if you’re not planning a wedding. Moreover, thousands of people trust its vendor ranking resources to find great partners for all kinds of events. Scroll through the listings to find mouth-watering reviews for local catering and beverage services. And these are just a few of the top choices for New York catering pros.

13. City Roots Catering

NYC’s leading kosher and vegan caterer


Expect exceptional dining experiences that ignite guest conversations, spark taste buds, and preserve Mother Nature’s most precious resources. Every guest’s dining preference is meticulously considered with City Roots Catering in the kitchen!

14. Pheasant NYC

Event guests are still raving about this food


Of all the event moments your guests will be talking about, they’ll rave about Pheasant NYC and the delectable dishes the most. Satisfy every guest craving and exceed every guest expectation, one plate at a time!

15. David Josephs Catering

20 years of award-winning food experiences


When your NYC event calls for award-winning menu options, contemporary recipes, and unique meals with flair, you need to call David Josephs Catering. Browse the gallery and see why so many trust David Josephs Catering with their special NYC events!

16. The Raging Skillet

The supreme anti-caterer with a flair for the unique


Let Chef Rossi bring something truly over-the-top and memorable to your event menu with his “rebel anti-caterer” approach to food, fun, and flavor. So, think outside the plate and create exotic, exciting, and exquisite morsels your guests will be “selfie-ing” with all night long!

17. Gaurav Anand – Global Culinary Experience NYC

Top Customized Catering Company in New York by Curbed Magazine


Chef and Restaurateur Gaurav Anand’s reputation for exquisite, upscale, and award-winning cuisine precedes him, making his catering service one of the best culinary experiences in all of NYC. Elevate every mouth-watering moment!

18. Pinch Food Design

Unpredictable food experiences meets brilliant presentation


Transform your event food into works of art and furniture with incredible presentation designs and meal service architecture. You have to explore these brilliant food presentation designs for yourself and let Pinch Food Design create something memorable for your event!

Let EMRG Media Organize Your NYC Event

As you sort through these top-rated New York catering companies, you might still be overwhelmed with the party planning process. So, if you’re planning an event, you’re going to need a photographer, music, a venue, a photo booth, and all kinds of designs and details. Moreover, instead of tackling everything yourself and risking a complete party disaster, bring in our expert event planning team at EMRG Media! With decades of experience coordinating brilliant mitzvahs, birthday parties, and fundraisers, we can step in and make sure your celebration is over-the-top magical! Connect with us and tell us more about your event plans – let’s make it memorable and stunning together!