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Make Every Virtual Team Meeting Count with These 4 Insights

Are you a business leader or department manager who regularly hosts virtual meetings with your teams? This is the must-read roster of insights for you!

Remote and hybrid teams are the new norm. And that means collaboration and workflows depend on online engagement. But there are valuable tips to know, especially if you want your corporate virtual events and meetings to be impactful. 

1. Be Organized and Goal Centric

Just as you would an in-person team-building event or meeting, make sure you prepare ahead for your virtual meeting. Create an itinerary centered around the goals or mission of the meeting. Get organized by assembling all the necessary tools and resources, including a robust virtual meeting platform and high-resolution video. Also, be mindful to create a timeline you can adhere to as you work through each segment of your virtual meeting. The more structure and preparation, the better the corporate virtual meeting will be for all your participants.

2. Create Engagement Opportunities

Don’t inspire yawns and glassy eyes with your virtual team meeting. Instead, coordinate layers of engagement opportunities within the virtual space. From chat features and videos to surveys and Q&A sessions, implement ways your online participants can engage and connect. Otherwise, they’re just viewers of a screen presentation and less likely to take away the information you’re hoping to convey.

3. Make It Entertaining

Just because it’s a work meeting doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Look to infuse your online team meeting with games or contests. You can also introduce guest speakers, music, or entertainment performances. Kick off your meeting with a hilarious video or round the room sharing of funny stories. Bring some ice-breaking entertainment to your virtual meeting, and your online guests will be more relaxed and engaged throughout the entirety of the online event. 

4. Get Participant Feedback

If you’re hosting regular virtual team meetings, consider asking the team what they’d like to experience online. Sometimes, minor additions in time or adjustments to allow deeper Q&As can be all you need to make the experience more impactful. While you’re prompting them for feedback, ask about entertainment preferences, gaming ideas, or other elements that would make the virtual meeting more fun and engaging.

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