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6 Reasons Your Company Should Host Virtual Team-Building Events in 2024

It’s 2024. And virtual events, parties, and workspaces are taking place everywhere, including online. Company leaders have to get creative about connecting teams both near and far. From contracted staff to global teams, virtual team-building events are changing the way companies improve their cultures. Team-building, in general, is a proven strategy for bringing employees and departments together. And virtual team-building activities are great solutions for boosting employee camaraderie and productivity.
Here are a few other reasons why you should consider hosting virtual team-building events this year for your teams.

1. Log On Near and Far

Remote and hybrid work is more popular and integrated into the workspace than ever, especially in NYC. With virtual team-building events, everyone in the company can be included in the event festivities. Invite everyone within your organization to log in from the comforts of their own homes and still feel valued as a company contributor. 

2. Cost Effective Connections and Engagement

Virtual team-building events are often more cost-efficient than in-person events. New York company parties can be expensive enough when you add up the venue, entertainment, and catering. And as your company grows, it can be more costly to accommodate travel for far-away employees. While in-person team-building is always a great way to connect, you can supplement those live events with a series of virtual team-building events to keep employees engaged year-round. 

3. Be Ahead of the Curve by Going Remote

Remote work is predicted to increase by about 30% over the next few years. Team-building in the corporate world has been studied and proven to increase teamwork, improve communication within the company, and reinforce transparency and trust within the company culture.

Virtual team-building events are more important than ever, as remote teams don’t have the organic ability to socialize at work as they do in a traditional setting (like at a cafeteria or in a break room.) And adopting virtual engagements ensures you pivot to adapt to company culture-boosting activities in the ever-changing hybrid workplace.

4. Leverage and Embrace Innovation

New York companies especially are known for innovative qualities in their work, products, and services. Virtual team building activities can serve as the guard rails to keep company employees oriented to an ideal work path and keep creativity alive.

Connection virtually is easier than ever, too, thanks to technology. As New York companies become more creative and stay tech-savvy, shifting to hosting more virtual events is practically a must.

5. Boost Morale without Boundaries

Virtual team-building activities in the corporate space are fantastic opportunities to boost workplace morale across remote or in-person colleagues. Assembling your teams online for a fun scavenger hunt or challenging digital escape room experience encourages problem-solving and collaboration, without the restrictions of trying to assemble in-person activities. Elevate morale and connect your staff from wherever they are. While your company is removing the boundaries of the workplace, remove the boundaries of team building, too!

6. Develop A Well-Oiled, Diverse Team

Company team members may be in different states, countries, and time zones. Opportunities to meet, bond, and develop working relationships in a professional setting matter. Virtual team-building activities can be a way to help a team grow closer across such large distances and create a much more diverse team dynamic.

Organize Future Team-Building Events With EMRG Media

EMRG Media knows how companies, especially New York companies, strive to provide diverse and efficient team systems. Whether the team is in-person or virtual, our professional event planners can organize team-building events, corporate celebrations, and more. We can help you tap into all of the advantages of virtual team-building events!

Send us a message about the plans you might have for your team this year and learn how EMRG Media can elevate each virtual team-building experience.