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Client Spotlight: Ladurée

Macarons have become the new in pastry.  Macarons have become a staple at high-end events, weddings, morning brunch, afternoon tea or to satisfy that late-night sweet tooth. Are you a macaron lover? Well you can thank the infamous Ladurée pastry shop. Ladurée was first opened as a luxury bakery and sweets shop in France back in 1862.  The original décor of the 18th century French bakeshop that included a decadent ceiling mural of chubby cherubs dressed as playful pastry chefs. These cherubs can now be seen on the emblem for this historic bakeshop. It was in 1930 when Pierre Desfontaines, grandson of Louis-Ernest Ladurée, had the idea to stick two macaron shells together with delicious ganache. Since then, the idea of the double-decker macaron has been wildly recreated and used throughout the world, yet the original Ladurée recipe has not changed over the years, it has merely only improved with the addition of new flavors and styles.

Ladurée began as a single bakeshop in France and has since grown to be a prestigious global phenomenon. In 1993, Ladurée took new ownership under the Holder family who decided to take the shop and turn it into a chain. In 2005, the brand became international with the opening of a shop in London, England. Ladurée then expanded to Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Ireland and then finally, the United Syates. Ladurée came across seas and settled in SoHo, New York and opened its doors in February 2014.

The 18th and 19th century styled tea salon located in SoHo, New York is as sharp and chic as the timeless macarons themselves and is perfect for all types of occasions. The space is perfect for brunch, afternoon tea or large events like bridal showers and wedding receptions.  The venue features a gorgeous interior as well as a peaceful garden unlike any other in NYC.  Your guests will be in awe of the gorgeous display that greets them when they first walk in and the warm yummy scent of sugar in the air. The dining room is an authentic feel of a vintage tearoom that will take you and your guests on a trip through time.

Ladurée’s brand has continued to grow and conquer new aspects of the pastry and business world. For starters, Ladurée features hundreds of flavors of macarons that will satisfy every customer’s favorite flavor and color. The shop also has many other pastries for guests to choose from including ice cream, cakes and other original pastry options. Ladurée has their own line of chocolate madallions that come in different colors and flavors. Ladurée also features a line of fragrances and scents that will make you smell as good and sweet as a Ladurée pastry!