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Top Event Managing Companies Are Making A Mark in 2016!

Innovative Event Trends

We’re well passed the mid-year point, and some of the top event management companies in NYC have made their noticeable mark in the industry for 2016! So what’s their secret? Knowing the latest in event trends and always making sure there is a “wow” factor included is what makes one event company differ from the rest. When you’re working towards building up your brand as an NYC event management company, you will have to dig deep into your bag of creative tricks and pull out a winner. Here are some Techniques Being Used by the Top Event Management Companies:

The Significance of Social Media & Event Apps

 The event industry is continuously evolving and for that reason alone, the top event management companies in NYC also need to stay innovative and sharp. With the rise of social media in the past decade, the event planning game has changed. Engaging guests has become a whole new ball game with the integration of technology and social media platforms. Event marketers and planners count on social media for a large part of the end-result for all event types. Not only do event apps help with the planning and promoting stages, but also to provide an added element to interactivity during each event. Forecasters predict that the use of technology for events has yet to amaze us. In the upcoming years, tech savvy planners will be able to integrate augmented reality activities along with futuristic catering that will just floor your audience.

Live Experiences 

What makes an audience rave about how great a time they had? Feelings. How your guests feel at the end of an event is what will matter most when measuring success. Introduce more live experiences throughout your events to deliver a unique experience. Top event management companies know how to get the guests to connect, communicate, and create! You have to genuinely know who your guests will be by collecting data prior to the event. Where are they from? What’s their age range? What are they into? Knowing yout demographic will help you personalize the experience in the best possible way. Guests are valuable promoters so make it your priority to know what will amaze them and keep them wanting more!

Event Marketing 

The principal trend in the event industry has to be how data is being used in event marketing. Events are at the bottom of the marketing budget where a lot of decision makers decide on spending vs. program ROI based on collective data. Just like digitizing web marketing, advertising, and email changed how marketers quantify results and make decisions, making the event floor digital has given event professionals access to rich data analytics that they been using and that has ultimately altered how they organize events and make them truly unique and incredible.

All in all, some of the top event trends seen in 2016 are:

  1. People have dumped their laptops for mobile devices.
  2. Guests have demonstrated they prefer digital content as opposed to paper handouts.
  3. Collection of actionable data in real-time showed itself at business events everywhere.
  4. Attendees helped shape the event experience through active and live experiences.
  5. Leads and contact scanning have been a hot ticket at conferences and expos.

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