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Inexpensive Event Ideas for Event Planners in NYC

Inexpensive Event Ideas for Event Planners in NYC

Creative event planning is what makes a grand impression on clients rather than how much you spent getting the best venue in town. When the budget has no limits (rarely the case), it is very easy to make a few phone calls and book the best venue and vendors money can buy. However, where Event Planners in NYC really demonstrate their skill set is when the budget is limited, and they can still produce the event of the year! There are so many inexpensive event ideas for Event Planners in NYC that will not only impress the attendees but even more so, your client. Here are some great concepts to use when you’re planning an event on a limited budget.

Readymade Venue

Select a venue that has a beautiful background that can be used as the backdrop to the event’s theme. You will save plenty on decorations and flowers if you pick a location that is filled with greenery or posh décor.

The Glass Houses in NYC

Now, sometimes there is no cutting corners on the venue, like when you’re using The Glass Houses in NYC where the backdrop is a picturesque view of NYC through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Although, that means that the table décor can be simplistic yet impactful. Set out a collection of candles to set the ambience and add a touch of elegance to the setting.

Hit Them with the Wow Factor

Depending on where the event will be held, there are many event planning ideas that will “wow” the guests. A unique and fun idea for corporate events in NYC would be to bring in a food truck mid-event to surprise the attendees. This idea is not only a memorable one, but it is one of the most inexpensive tricks Event Planners in NYC have up their sleeve.

Food Truck NYC

To Tapas or Not to Tapas

Remember that food and beverages are one of the high-priced ticket items when planning an NYC event so wherever you can cut costs, do so. You can also use a vast selection of tapas or appetizers which are less expensive and add to the room’s visual effect because of the creative ways they’re decorated on the plate.  You can use the same logic when it comes to serving dessert. A dessert buffet may give you more to offer than one extravagant cake.

Dessert Buffet

DIY Photo Booth for Event Planners in NYC

It may sound a little too low-budget for you but not for your client who counts on your creativity and expertise to “make it happen.” Photo booths are a popular entertainment choice for events, but they’re also quite pricey. You can achieve the same joyful experience by renting or buying inexpensive props from a costume store, party store, or a local second-hand store. If you’ve already hired a photographer to cover the rest of the event, add this to his/her to-do list. If not, any digital camera can take professional quality pictures with the right lighting. Just plan it out correctly and if you need someone on your team to take on the task, then that works too! Teamwork makes the event dream work!

DIY Photo Booth

For more inexpensive ideas to plan an unforgettable event on a limited budget, please contact our event experts today!