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What the Top Event Management Companies Love & Hate about NYC Venues

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Although event professionals need venues just like venues need them, it doesn’t mean that the relationship doesn’t get tricky at times. There may even be times that our ideas and needs clash which leads to a level of misunderstanding that can be unfavorable but where there’s a will there’s a way so here are some of what the top event management companies love and hate about NYC venues (along with how we can work towards improving specific exchanges).


1. We ask for rates and availability; they send us a novel.

Time is not on either of our sides most days so let’s work on understanding that detail as planners and venue owners/managers. How should it go? We call. You answer. We tell you our needs. You tell us if it’s possible and for how much. Having to wait several days only to receive an entire novel that includes the history of how the venue was built brick by brick (and this after many emails and numerous calls) may cause a loss of interest on the part of the client who is also awaiting to learn about the venue. A timely response that includes images plus answers to any of the event planner’s inquiries regarding size, floor plans, pricing, menu choices, etc. are the way to go!


2. We bring our clients to inspect the site, and the venue tells them about all the great stuff other event companies have done at the venue.

Let’s be mindful of how an event business relationship works. I bring you a client and together we ensure that the client’s needs are met. Telling the client about an amazing event that took place there by another event company is like us telling them about another venue that’s even better as their touring your facility.


3. We look up your website for information that will help us decide if the facility is adequate for the event needs and there’s only two pictures and a few words on the website.

The first thing a client does when we recommend a venue is look your facility up online and chances are they’re going to do it from their phone so you must have a mobile website version as well. Mobile devices have spoiled us with getting information instantly so your website should be filled with images that will appeal to visitors along with the essential venue information. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you would want to know about a place you are looking to book. That’s what they want to know.


4. We ask how the AV works and although you work their selling space, you have no idea where to begin to pitch information.

It’s 2016, and there’s rarely an event that doesn’t require some sort of connectivity or montage. If we ask whether our client has the ability to display their PowerPoint presentation to their guests, you shouldn’t pause or panic at the sound of that. If you’re in the position to sell space and time at a venue, you must know the AV capabilities as soon as you sign onboard to manage the location. Top event management companies will quickly look for another site that does know how the AV works because your uncertainty becomes theirs later on when they need to assure the client that the place is capable of adequately catering to their needs.


5. Everything we ask about has a stop. We need flexibility!

If you have a fantastic venue, and we could bring you tons of business, try to be flexible with individual requests because partnering up is what keeps us in demand. Top event management companies deal with a variety of NYC events, so we’re not just going to bring weddings to your site but also business events like product launches, fashion shows, meetings, holiday parties, etc. Try to be flexible with other requests if we can’t budge on pricing like perhaps increase the number of hours for each booking, offer add-ons, and get creative with menu items. Help us, help you. Remember that we still have to pitch your venue to the client so the better you package it up for us, the better response the delivery will receive.

Only the top event management companies know the ins and outs of each NYC venue, so if you’re looking to find out about a venue from event experts, contact us to assist you with your planning needs.