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Tips on Collaborating with Event Planners in NYC

If there is one thing Event Planners in NYC love, it’s a great buy-in, and one of the most prominent emerging trends in event planning is to co-create and collaborate while you’re in the planning stages. For those who’d like to jump aboard the events trend train, here are some useful Tips on Collaborating with Event Planners in NYC!

Event Democratization

One of today’s major philosophers, Philosopher Pierre Levy, is currently working on the implications of the internet and digital communication and its effects on society. He developed a concept called “collective intelligence” which is a form of continuous evolvement of collective knowledge that is coordinated in real time. Democratization can be successful when implemented in the event industry at times where Event Planners in NYC collaborate and agree on decisions collectively to produce a bigger impact for an event. When collective intelligence is shared in a group arrangement, it emerges in a stronger form than individual opinions on a subject. Democratizing the planning of an event is becoming very popular because of the level of influence it has on the success of the event.

Gathering Ideas

Mr. Levy’s research was based on collective intelligence and the internet. An excellent way to create the immense mass is to collect as much information as possible and distribute it on social media. For example:

You can make an event on Facebook that is only accessible to the specific contacts you select, or you can choose to make it available to the public. For in-house company events, use an application that will facilitate group messaging where you can collectively brainstorm ideas like Slack, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Stick with the social media channels if you want to crowdsource ideas and get a better picture of positive and adverse public opinion. You can measure popularity by the number of shares, likes, and comments.

Cisco Live commonly uses EPOLL.ME and social media channels to gather their consumer’s opinions on their latest products and events.

The Key to Co-Creation is Collaboration

Collaborating with Event Planners in NYC to co-create will result in gaining unique and genuine perspectives about your events. Getting a fresh viewpoint on the goals you’re looking to achieve will change your event planning methods dramatically because you’re pulling the opinions of the stakeholders that you’re interested in partnering with to co-create an event. Of course, you may want to tweak the amount of involvement to protect sensitive company data and an excellent way to do that is by using a secure network.  Remember that when you collaborate to co-create you want to:

1. Initiate your proposal by stating your purpose and goal in full detail, and set the parameters for participation (you can create an event on a social media channel or an event website as described above).

2. Inspire your invitees by reminding them of the benefits that will come from collaborating.

3. Open up the conversation to collect ideas that would make the event an even bigger success.

Once you’ve collected ideas and added strength to your team by collaborating with Event Planners in NYC, you have done everything possible to deliver excellent results for your event. You’ve not only collected valuable data and ideas, but you’ve also raised event awareness which will help with marketing the event.  The individuals that were a part of the initial collection of ideas will now feel committed to attend because they’ve developed a connection to your event. They will also become your key event promoters by marketing the event on their social media channels and sending invitations to their e-mail contacts.

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