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Corporate Meetings Don’t Have to Be Boring: 6 Tips for Making Yours Fun

It’s no secret that today’s workforce and consumers both are placing more value on the experiential engagement. It’s less about material things and more about memories and experiences that matter. Even a recent study found that 72% of millennials would rather invest their hard-earned money on experiences than they would material possessions. Considering those stats, how you go about planning your company meeting or corporate event should involve more experiential elements. Corporate engagements don’t have to be yawn-worthy and dreaded. Check out these tips and insights for incredibly fun ways to breathe vibrant life into what could be a tired meeting.

1. Immersive Experiences Start with Entertainment

Whatever your core objectives are for your corporate event, don’t forget to schedule in some entertainment. DJs, live bands, and celebrity performances can all be game-changing elements to add to your company meeting. It will make your event buzz-worthy and memorable in a big way.

2. Escape Rooms Are All the Rage

Everyone’s experiencing escape room adventures these days. And it’s a popular trend that you can bring to your event now, too. Get your employees and colleagues excited with team-building micro-events. Challenge them to work together in solving fun and engaging problems. It’s an opportunity to introduce a much-needed interactive element to any corporate gathering.

3. Interactive Q&A Sessions

Another way to make your corporate meetings more fun is with interactive Q&A sessions. You can incorporate “Catchbox,” a cool throwable microphone made for tossing around an audience in lieu of the slow passing of a traditional microphone. You can also segment time for breakout sessions, where attendees can feel more comfortable asking questions and participating in group discussions.

4. Introduce Some Competitive Karaoke

During your corporate meeting’s scheduled lunch hour, try something fun and competitive, like a karaoke challenge. Allow guests to perform their best and worst, wrapping up the next hour or so with proper awards. Let the audience vote on “crowd favorites” or “best duo,” too, so everyone feels involved.

5. Get Theme Creative

If your employees and guests just feel it’s another company event, it won’t likely be very exciting. However, if you get creative with your event themes, you can easily breathe new life into your meeting with just decor and ambiance. Encourage guest participation with dressing up to have fun at your “carnival” or “night at the Oscars” themed event. Think Hawaiian luau or pop culture themes. You might even send out pre-event surveys to get feedback from attendees about their ideas for fun and entertaining themes.

6. Bags Tournaments and Other Games

It’s always good to bring games into your corporate meeting or event. Games are inherently fun anyway. And hosting a bags tournament or department-level Family Feud competition could be just the immersive and fun element your company gathering needs. Just don’t forget the equally fun and important prizes for the winners.

Your corporate meetings and events don’t have to be stale and boring. Get inspired with these fun elements to add. And always call EMRG Media when you’re ready to take your company meeting or conference to the next level of engagement!