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New York Event Entertainment: Why Music Is So Important to Your Gala

So, you’ve been charged with event planning an upcoming fundraiser or gala for your organization. And while you’re itemizing your to-do lists, which are incredibly long, you inadvertently skim over music with the intention of revisiting those details later. But it’s a mistake to make music an afterthought of any New York gala or fundraising event.

Music, as part of your event’s entertainment, will play an integral and crucial role in the success of your gala. Here’s why you should spend more time precisely outlining your music options and why it’s an important task on your event planning to-do list.

Music Creates an Emotional Response

Your New York fundraising gala is intended to be an engaging experience that inspires support and donations. Those are emotional responses. And nothing taps into that emotional connection quite like the right range of music. Connect your audience to the event with music as a primary form of entertainment and as a backdrop to your emotionally engaging affair.

Music Chaperones Your Event

Whether it’s time to settle into your seats, line up for meal service, or get ready to boogie, music is the perfect event segment chaperone. Having the right DJ or live entertainment at your gala means tapping into the natural and effective way to direct and motivate your audience. Without music to help signify various segments of your gala, you’ll only rely on someone to vocally make directives at the mic.

Music Makes an Entrance

Music can serve a variety of purposes, including making a grand entrance. Make your fundraising gala guests feel extra special with the right ambiance upon their arrival. Walk-in music can set the tone for first impressions, infusing your attendees with energy and excitement. Dazzle and wow your guests with just the right entrance acoustics.

Music Replaces Crowd Lulls

When there’s a sizable crowd, there will be natural bursts of conversation. And there will also be lulls in those conversations, sometimes resulting in awkward pauses or silences throughout the audience. Music can be instrumental (no pun intended) in reducing those awkward moments of silence, providing background sounds that make guests feel there is always something happening. Keep the energy level high and avoid any crowd lulls with great backdrop tunes.

Music Is the Cornerstone of Your Entertainment

Sure, music plays a pivotal role as a support tool for your event’s ambiance and overall gala experience. But music also can be the cornerstone of your entertainment. From brilliant DJs who spin high-energy beats to live bands and orchestras, music is a staple of almost every event. 

New York event planners can always turn to music as a great experience booster for every event. Keep these insights in mind for your next gala, and make your music work for you! Need more help with planning your upcoming fundraising gala or New York event? Let EMRG Media help! As the leading event planning agency, we can make you leverage every benefit music has to offer for the best gala experience.