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Delight Your Milestone Birthday Party Guests with These Delicious Desserts

There’s someone in your family or friend circle who’s expecting to celebrate a milestone birthday this year. And you’re in charge of event planning a celebration that’s over-the-top fun. In addition to choosing the right venue and booking the entertainment, you’ll want to give careful consideration to dessert options. And if you’re wanting to thrill your guests, you’ll want to check out these delectable sweet treats. 

Sure, you might want a traditional birthday cake. But your guests will appreciate a host of other dessert options that aren’t cake. 

Prepare to get hungry as you read through this list!

Fried Ice Cream Cups

If your milestone birthday celebration is scheduled for this summer, your guests will love ice cream. Get creative with making ice cream easy to enjoy, either with cups or in easy-to-handle cones. And fried ice cream cups are a fan favorite. Consider offering a variety of flavors and choosing the presentation of these delectable desserts in a way that complements your event themes.

Churros Are Fan Favorites

Consider bringing in these cinnamon-sugar goodies that are reminiscent of county fair fun and summer excitement. They’re great additions to a milestone birthday party with their sweet bites and easy-to-enjoy presentation. 

Mini Brownie Bites

Satisfy any of your party-going guests’ chocolate cravings with delicious brownie bites. And you can even take the presentation of these classic dessert favorites to the next level by offering a birthday party dessert board. Much like an arrangement of a charcuterie board, a dessert board can offer brownie varieties, some with caramel, others with pecans. And all are delightful finger foods, easy to grab and enjoy.

Elegant Macarons

For those milestone birthday parties that call for a more upscale or elegant dessert option, you can’t go wrong with delicate macarons. These colorful and flavorful desserts are fan favorites and bring a cultural flair to a traditional dessert table. Find a professional baker or dessert connoisseur to create these patisseries. And bring a delicious and posh option to the birthday party dessert menu.

Banana Split Cups

Consider introducing fruity favorites to your event dessert lineup. From strawberry shortcake to traditional fruit trays, event guests will always enjoy sampling something healthy and fresh. But you can still get creative with serving cups, making even the messiest of options easy to enjoy. Banana split cups are just one example, offering a smaller portion of this usually over-the-top dessert.

Cake Pops

If you’re looking for birthday cake alternatives for the milestone birthday celebration you’re planning, you can always offer cake pops instead. Usually shaped into inch-wide balls, cake pops can come in a variety of cake flavors, fashioned beautifully at the end of a serving skewer. Guests can get their cake fix, without overly indulging in traditional slices. And cake pops allow party-goers to sample all the flavors easily!

Dessert Pizzas

Think cookies and cream or pecan turtle flavors and offer party guests a slice of mouthwatering dessert pizza. Change things up and talk with your catering professionals about serving unique dessert varieties to satisfy everyone’s tastes. And dessert pizzas add an element of casual fun to traditional birthday celebrations.

Cookie Varieties Are Always Welcome

If you anticipate milestone birthday guests to come who have various dessert preferences, gluten-free requirements, or food allergies, you can meet everyone’s needs with cookie varieties. Consider presenting different trays of accommodating ingredients, ensuring every partygoer can enjoy something sweet. 

Let EMRG Media Plan Your Milestone Birthday Party

Get inspired by these dessert ideas to spruce up any milestone birthday party you have to plan this year. And if you really want to enjoy yourself, let EMRG Media curate all the event planning details for you! Our team can make whatever you’re celebrating an absolute blast, including milestone birthdays, social gatherings, reunions, bar/bat mitzvahs, and anniversaries. Let us help you decide on all the best event elements, including the most delicious desserts.