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Why Custom Beverage Stations Are Hits at Corporate Events

Are you charged with planning your company’s corporate events, meeting, or team-building event? One of the most popular amenities to consider adding is the custom beverage station. There are a host of ways to customize your beverage options and the interactive, artistic, or custom beverage station. And they can be an engaging element for your corporate event. Explore all the benefits and reasons why you need to bring custom beverage options to yours!

Coffee Table vs. Custom Espresso Bar

Corporate events have to have coffee. Your guests will need coffee breaks and an infusion of caffeine to stay alert throughout the itinerary of presentations or training sessions. But which would you rather have, a generic self-serve coffee table or an interested coffee barista designing artistic designs at a custom espresso bar? Of course, the latter is going to be more exciting and engaging for event attendees. And having options will provide choices so guests can get just the right blends and coffee favorites they want.

Champagne Vending Machines? Yes!

If your company event is commemorative or celebratory, consider bringing in beverage stations that are experiential and interactive. Moet & Chandon launched their concept of the champagne vending machines back in 2016. And it’s another example of something unique and engaging corporate event guests can interact with when choosing their beverages.

Signature Custom Cocktails Contribute to Corporate Events Themes

Whether you’re serving cocktails or mocktails at your corporate event, consider inventing a signature, custom drink to commemorate your event. Sure, some guests will head to the bar with the intention of ordering their preferred drinks. But it can be an exciting aesthetic to have a menu of custom, crafted cocktails with names or themes that tie into your overall event environment. It’s an opportunity to work with a mixologist to come up with a brilliant recipe and addition to your corporate event.

Ice Bars Add Excitement to Corporate Events

If it makes sense for your corporate event, go all out with an elaborate ice bar and experiential engagements. Invite guests to the bar, where they can watch their select spirits flow through canals of ice to chill before filling up their glasses. It’s one part beverage station and one part entertainment. And it equates to a huge hit for event guests.

If you need help deciding how to introduce a custom beverage station in your corporate event, EMRG Media can help! In fact, connect with our expert team of pros to handle all your corporate event planning details!