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Team-Building Event Activities Your Teams Will Rave About for Weeks

More and more companies today are leveraging the many benefits of hosting corporate team-building events. These get-togethers, whether formal or more relaxed, are great tools for connecting teams, improving problem-solving skills, boosting productivity, and preserving a healthy company culture. But you may be short on ideas about what to do at these team-building events. Get inspired by some of these ideas, which are perfect for corporate events and company outings. And you’ll find your employees will have so much fun; they’ll be raving about these events for weeks!

Scavenger Hunts

Whether it’s part of a coordinated corporate event or more of an engagement effort executed virtually among your teams, scavenger hunts are always fun team-building activities. Set it up as a company-wide contest with fun and unique goals throughout. And don’t forget the series of prizes for those who win. 

Cooking Classes

As part of your corporate event or company outing, consider bringing in the pros to host a cooking class. Your employees can assemble in teams and have fun with contests and hands-on food preparation. Have a company cookoff with judges and taste-testing! These are great ways to initiate team building and foster collaboration among your team members.

Office Trivia

From movie trivia to sports trivia, consider developing a company-wide team-building trivia game. These are great for in-person and hybrid events, where remote team members can also participate. Elevate these trivia contests with big prizes and celebrate the winning departments or teams. Your employees will be begging for these all year long!

Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for a more hands-on team-building experience, escape rooms are all the rage these days. You can invite smaller groups of departments to visit New York escape rooms, or you can build an escape room activity within your corporate event or company outing. These timed activities challenge players to work together to figure out just how to “escape” the room. They’re fun and great inspiration for problem-solving as a team.

Speed Mingling 

For some companies, getting all the employees involved is challenging due to regional constraints and remote work. But there are team-building and collaborative activities you can do to connect everyone, like speed mingling. In these events, the engagement is structured much like speed dating. Instead, employees are encouraged to meet and mingle with other team members, introducing themselves and sharing. These are great activities that can be executed at in-person events where remote employees are attending virtually. And they’re great for year-round virtual engagement, too.

Physical Team Building

If you’re looking for more physically involved activities as team-building initiatives, there are a host of ideas that allow your employees to get hands-on. Rock wall climbing, paintball tournaments, and rope courses can all present more challenging and physically demanding scenarios for your teams. Be mindful of who can participate with these types of activities, with safety and security considerations. But if your teams are excited about more physical activities, these are always great additions to your team-building experiences.

Team building is an important element of your company’s efforts to build rapport among staff and preserve a healthy company culture. Get inspired by some of these activities to breathe new life into your business environment. And remember, EMRG Media can help you infuse all the best team-building activities into your corporate events and company outings! Contact us to start brainstorming and event planning!