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4 Incredible Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Charity Event

We’re always sharing fun and exciting event theme ideas for all kinds of celebrations, including corporate events and social gatherings. But when you’re planning a fundraising event or a charity gala, you’ll want to consider more elevated and upscale entertainment ideas. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite charity event activities to help inspire your planning efforts.

1. Costume Contests

Depending on the theme of your charity and fundraising event, you can consider working in games and contests. For example, if you’re celebrating with a decade-related theme, like a “roaring 20s” or “freedom 60s” party, where guests are encouraged to dress the part, costume contests are great. You can also weave raffles and drawings into these galas for additional fundraising efforts. Any way you can incorporate gamification and interactive contests, your charity event guests will be more engaged and have more fun.

2. Celebrity Performers

Another way to elevate your New York charity is with celebrity star power. Consider booking a celebrity entertainer, whether it’s a comedy act, dance performance, musical performance, or keynote speaker. Roll out the red carpet for big-name celebrity guests and immediately surge excitement into your event. The added publicity will boost event success, too. And with celebrities in the house, you’ll also have unique opportunities to raise more money with VIP experiences and sponsorships.

3. Magicians and Mentalists

Delight and dazzle your charity event guests with a brilliant magician performance! Today’s performers are incredible at engaging the audience and wowing the crowd. Don’t forget to consider mentalists, too. These artistic performers can stump the audience, hypnotize, and inspire hilarious reactions. Both types of entertainers are brilliant additions to any charity or fundraising event.

4. Experiential Entertainment

If you’re anticipating a huge turnout and sizable charity event, you’ll want to create smaller, more intimate opportunities for entertainment. Yes, you’ll want to book mainstage-style entertainment. But you can also create experiential entertainment areas throughout your venue to engage more personally. These might include glitter stations, face painting, or a pianist. Fireside chats and networking lounges are great additions as well. Virtual reality activities, photo/video booths, and caricaturists are always crowd-pleasing activities, too.

Let EMRG Media Elevate Your Charity Event

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