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Make Your Product Launch Event a Complete Success with EMRG Media

Today’s businesses are widely adopting new methods for introducing new products, debuting new services, and showcasing valuable offerings. One such method and platform that is gaining traction is the product launch event. 

Any corporation or brand that coordinates a specific effort to bring something new to market will also benefit from a product launch event. Hosting a product launch event essentially kicks off your introduction in a coordinated, demonstration-based gathering. 

Companies know that if they want their products or services to win over their markets, hosting a product launch event is key. And those who’ve planned product launches before know that working with EMRG Media is the only way to make the event over-the-top successful.

Types of Product Launches

Product launches don’t have to be product-based. In fact, many companies are turning to product launch events for all kinds of big announcements and coordinated service debuts. Essentially, you can curate a launch event for almost anything news-worthy that your brand wants to build excitement about, including:

  • New Products
  • Existing Products that Offer New Value
  • New Services
  • Improved Services
  • Investment into New Products
  • Introduction of New Capabilities

EMRG Media Knows Product Launch Events

Curating a product launch event requires more than just event coordination. Because your company has goals for the event, including product adoption, support, and conversion, you need every element to count. No one knows product launch events like the team at EMRG Media. Our event professionals have been helping national and global brands develop monumental launch events with skyrocketing ROI and success for decades. And you’ll find the essentials you want in your product launch also happen to be core focuses for our event planning team:

  • Rooted in the Customer Experience
  • Driven by Data and Proven Strategies
  • Generating Buzz and Excitement

Upscale New York Event Venues

EMRG Media doesn’t just know event planning. Our team collaborates with all the best New York event venues, so you know your product launch can take place at the most upscale location. And when ambiance and event atmosphere matter, some venues have more capabilities than others. Whether you’re looking to host a more intimate product launch celebration or a full-blown, red-carpet, global announcement affair, EMRG Media can find and book the best-fit venue.

Marketing Execution and Support

More traditional corporate events and social celebrations require invitations and some publicity. But when you’re hosting a product launch conference, you need a more robust and comprehensive marketing strategy that builds excitement about your new offering, teases the big announcements, and still aligns with your brand image. EMRG Media is well-versed in curating precise marketing strategies to accompany product launches. From content strategy to channel execution, we can lay in all the necessary marketing elements to accompany your event. These might include:

  • Event Website & Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising & Media

Incorporating a Virtual Product Launch Event

Today’s companies recognize that with the use of virtual event technology, even an in-person engagement can become a global event. But you’ll want to have an event planning partner who can help you develop every hybrid element with precision. And EMRG Media can help you with the virtual aspect of your product launch. Having a virtual connection to an even broader audience has additional benefits, too. So, if you haven’t considered a hybrid event, here are some of the reasons to do so:

  • Increase Attendance Reach 
  • Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Creates a Library of Digital Assets
  • Reliable Data
  • Improved ROI

If your company is working up a coordinated effort to launch or introduce something new, consider hosting a product launch event. And if you want that product launch to be over-the-top successful, contact EMRG Media to handle every detail and curate the most results-driven event.