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Make Your Family Reunion One for the Books in 2023!

For many families, 2023 is the year for an over-the-top, New York events-style family reunion. And if you’re thinking about event planning a reunion this summer, keep reading. We’ll share all the details and best event amenities to consider to make it amazing, memorable, and one for the books!

Choose Your New York Event Venue Wisely

Before you take another step forward with your family reunion event planning efforts, you’ll want to pick a few ideal dates for your event. We suggest “a few” because many of New York’s best venues might already be booked for those dates. And choosing the right venue is the first step in curating any social event. 

You’ll recognize there are several event spaces to consider in New York City, including one of the most popular, NEBULA. So, plan a few days in advance and schedule tours so you can experience and visualize the layouts in person. Here are a few venue-related details you’ll want to iron out as well:

  • Guest accommodations
  • Ease of access and parking
  • In-house or third-party catering
  • Lighting and audiovisual equipment

Get Creative with an Event Theme

Don’t just gather your family together; bring them together for a day or evening of excitement by choosing an event theme! Inspire them to dress the part and include festivities the kids can enjoy, too. With the right event theme, you can get really creative with everything from custom drinks and menu selections to theme-related entertainment and music. Here are some energizing themes to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Night at the Movies
  • Sports Themes
  • Arts and Crafts Themes
  • Decade Themes (Roaring 20s or Flower-Child 60s)

Make It Interactive and Experiential 

You don’t want to gather all your beloved family members for a reunion only to have them all sit around twiddling their thumbs. So, start thinking about all the elements you can introduce to your event that make it more experiential and interactive! Games and trivia are always fun, as are face-painting stations and create-your-own dessert bars. Think of ways your family members can be involved, like with AR/VR or interactive sandboxes. And depending on the theme, you could bring in all kinds of truly memorable and unique activities, like:

  • Magicians or Mentalists
  • Clowns or Acrobats
  • Pianists or Soloists
  • Street Performers
  • Artists or Caricaturists

Photographers and Photo Booths

It’s probably been a while since many of your family members have gotten together for a party. And everyone’s going to want pictures to commemorate the occasion. So, book the photographer for onsite and event candids, as well as family group photos. Bring in the photo and video booths, too, so guests can have fun making their own digital memories. Selfie stations and props are welcomed additions, too. And you’ll have loads of great options for the next family reunion slideshow!

Elevated Experience the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Some family reunions call for more upscale and elegant touches. And if you’re event planning a more formal social event, you can introduce posh and more premier amenities everyone will love. Think custom cocktails and red carpet. Book the celebrity entertainment and the prime rib carving station. Choose the venue that accommodates fireside chat and lounge areas. Go through your event planning checklist and find unique ways to elevate every detail to create a more upscale experience.

Bring in the EMRG Media Team for Event Planning

If you’re planning to coordinate a family reunion in 2023, bring in the EMRG Media team to help curate an event for the books! With decades of event planning experience in New York City, our pros know how to boost your gathering and experiences. We can handle every detail, including booking celebrity talent, so you don’t have to stress. Let EMRG Media plan your upcoming family reunion so you can focus on enjoying yourself!