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Do Event Planners in New York Follow Color Trends?

So, this year, purple is the new black! Ultra Violet to be exact.

For event planners in New York, staying up to date with the current color trends is imperative in the industry to stay competitive. Color and texture can play a vigorous role in renovating a venue, tablescape or the ambiance.

Every year, Pantone’s Color of the Year influences Event Planners in New York with color selections for décor. For 2018 it’s all about Ultra Violet 18-3838! Purple may appear to be just another pretty color set aside for a tea party or children’s party, but it can also create a pretty powerful décor environment for social event. For corporate events in NYC, purple can really impact a corporate setting so long as you know how to use it.

We’ve already witnessed the integration of purple shades into many event themes and schemes, so here’s a shout out to all those Event Planners in New York who gave this year’s color trend a big bang! Below, we listed several exciting ways to integrate the hottest color of the year into your own events.

Ballroom Uplighting

Just because you have a large venue, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate color, and the easiest way to do this is by using colored lighting effects. This event maintains the purple theme by using white linens and walls as a backdrop for the colored lights to reflect on. It makes the color really vibrant and it’s easy to change throughout the event if necessary (perfect for those with commitment issues.)

Hanging Décor

This hanging installation combines unique colored mesh with string lights to give an immersive experience. Allowing guests to walk through this would give an ethereal feel to a space and the purple creates a tranquil atmosphere too.

Textured Tablecloths

While this may not be the best idea for full table spreads to eat on these would be perfect for cocktail or welcome tables. They are more dynamic and a feature in themselves with these purple “leaves” that drape to the floor, definitely a conversation starter for networking events.

Dancefloor Lanterns

We all know a canopy can make the dancefloor feel more intimate but this colorful display is something new! Combining different purple shades to look similar to floating clouds and creating their own atmospheric lighting that is stunning when it gets darker, this colorful canopy is a cool one to implement.

Feathered Centerpieces

An array of Ultra Violet and purples are mixed in these centerpieces and even the table linen draws inspiration from them as well. The feathers are an interesting touch making them more decadent and even the liquid in the vases has been tinted in line with this rich color scheme.

In Conclusion

It is crucial for Event Planners in New York to stay on top of trends by integrating the latest colors into their event palette. For 2018 that definitely means embracing the purple! As you can see, purple can be appropriate for all events from birthdays to corporate and it’s not as tough as you might think it is to embrace it.