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Explore These 7 Types of Venues in New York City

When it comes to events, some of the most iconic and legendary event venues are in New York City. And there’s more than one type of event atmosphere to consider. Today, we’re sharing the wide range of NYC venue types, each with its own unique experience. Start exploring and choose the best-fit venue layout for your upcoming corporate or social event

1. The NYC Hotel Scene

Hotels, by nature, are masters at hospitality. And it’s one of the reasons why so many of the best event venues happen to also be hotels. These professionals know how to cater to unique experiences, offering a built-in level of event service you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And the overnight accommodations in-house are perfect for out-of-town guests who may be attending your event. There are tons of hotel event space layouts, most with audiovisual capabilities and more.

2. New York City Rooftop Venues

Nothing complements an elegant or sophisticated event gathering quite like a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline. And when you book your NYC events at one of the many rooftop venues, you’ll have a stunning backdrop all evening long. There are several rooftop spaces available throughout the city, each worth a look to see which view of the Big Apple is best suited for your type of event.

3. Conference & Convention Halls

When your event is expected to draw hundreds or thousands of guests, you’re going to need a NYC venue with enough space to accommodate everyone (and everything) comfortably. Conference centers and convention halls are great for trade shows, massive brand events, product launches, conferences, and corporate gatherings. These venue types usually also offer full suites of extended event coordination options or additional event services to help you coordinate brilliantly.

4. Outdoor Venues in NYC

If your upcoming event calls for fresh air and nature, consider one of the many outdoor event venues throughout the city. There are also plenty of NYC venues that offer both indoor and outdoor accommodations, should the weather not cooperate. From brilliant views of the river to golf course options and park scenery, you can find a great layout for your upcoming team meeting, bar/bat mitzvah, or wedding.

5. Private Dining Venues

Some events call for a more private setting, and there is no shortage of private dining venues in NYC. From subdued and upscale restaurants to vibrant and modern fine dining, start visiting some of the hotspots throughout the Big Apple. Don’t forget to sample the menus, too!

6. Bars & Social Club Venues

Perfect for fun and elaborate celebrations, consider hosting your next event at one of the high-energy bars, nightclubs, or social clubs in NYC. These venues often make for perfect atmospheres when celebrating birthdays, milestones, or achievements. And whether you bring in the house DJ or hire a live band, these venues come with dance floors your guests will love.

7. Non-Traditional Venues

Get creative with your event venue options and think outside the box. There are plenty of great venue-esque locations throughout the city that aren’t quite traditional event spaces. As you plan your event themes, and in keeping with the mission of the event itself, find a perfect-fit location that matches, even if it’s an industrial building, an architecturally stunning facility, or even a rentable public area. 

Whatever the occasion, keep these various types of venues in mind as ideal locations. And remember to bring in NYC’s event planning pros, EMRG Media. We can help you find and book the best New York City venue for your event. Oh, and we’ll take care of everything else, too so all you have to do is celebrate!