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How Event Planners in NY Can Make Community Events a Bit More Interesting

Event Planners in NY have the creativity gene embedded in them, but even the best event planner in the world can run out of fresh ideas. If you’re in the process of planning a community event or fundraiser, here are some excellent ideas to make your community event a bit more interesting.

Street Party/Block Party

While it can be difficult for Event Planners in NY to get permits (if you need to close the street), street/block parties are excellent and memorable because they involve bringing neighbors together so are more likely to become recurring. These traditions help to create safer neighborhoods and give children an opportunity for a warmer environment to grow up in.

Bake Off

Event Planners in NY can offer cooking classes and workshops with the attendees being able to add their creations to the buffet (or sell them for fundraising.) Local restaurants could set-up a pop-up stand to accommodate in exchange for signage as an interesting sponsorship idea. Of course, you could also make it a competition too.

Crowd Activated Interactive Games

Enhanced technology means that Event Planners in NY can use large digital screens to display games that are controlled by audience participation. For example, audience voice activated arm wrestling involves splitting the crowd in half and giving them, two separate sounds e.g. clapping or shouting. The software picks up the sounds and the loudest sounds win the game. This results in the digital display showing it as an arm wrestling match. There are plenty of other options, from table tennis to soccer on screen, with different interaction techniques but it is bound to get the crowd pumping.

Outdoor BBQ

An informal catering option that breeds community and networking while being very easy to plan and instigate. Designate a griller (or grillers) for the day and make sure you start cooking early so that you are prepared when the lunchtime rush comes. You can also have a line for buns, cheese, condiments and salad so more people can get involved.

Craft Stations

Adding a participatory idea such as craft stations offer a shortstop for the creative types which could be turned into a memento from the day. Event Planners in NY could make this extra sustainable by sourcing from the local art and craft store or working towards a community initiative like these throwing and painting bowls that aim to raise money to fight hunger in the community.


Use music to make your event emotive and have an eclectic mix from all genres to appeal to everyone. Offer a dance-a-thon alongside your event that couples can enter or simply have non-stop music until the party ends. Make this more interesting by having duelling bands or pianos or a skilled MC to mix things up and try new musical combinations of classical and current music.

Treasure Hunts

Turn a communal or local public area into the perfect place for treasure hunts! These could be innovative with QR codes offering digital rewards or something simpler such as sweet treats for the players. It could be another idea for local sponsorship ideas with community suppliers offering prizes to find.


Encouraging teams at a community event can inspire more guests to attend and adds a competitive element that most enjoy. Event Planners in NY could raise funds by making it a pay to play trivia where the teams chip in some money to play shorter versions of a pub quiz throughout the day and then see how their scores tally up.